HDS 2965

Virginia Woolf and Religion

Stephanie A. Paulsell


This course will look closely at the religion around Woolf--in her family, her society, her friendships and her reading--and explore its relationship to the religious quality that many readers have found in her work. Special attention will be given to the spiritual trajectories of the modernist movement she helped to shape and the religious dimensions of her attempt to reimagine literary realism.

Enrollment Limited: Limited to 15 students. Instructor's permission required.
Open to BTI Students: Yes


0.50 credits
Fall 2012
Wed 2pm-4pm
Rockefeller Hall Room 116

Relationship to Program Requirements

Program Requirement Area / Category / Art / Designation
MTS Area(s) of Focus
  • Religion, Literature, and Culture
MDiv Distribution Category/ies
  • Christianity
MDiv Art(s) of Ministry
  • Preaching and Worship
  • Religious Education and Spiritual Development
Language Course Designation(s) None