ThD Program

The ThD program trains students in the appropriate linguistic, historical, comparative, analytical, or constructive skills for research and teaching in religious and theological studies. Its scope includes religious traditions of the world, the relation between religion and culture, the self-understandings of distinct religious traditions, and the interpretation of any one religious tradition in relation to other traditions and to the study of religion in general.

Prerequisite for admission to the ThD include an AB degree of outstanding quality, usually in the humanities and/or social sciences, which normally includes considerable work in history, literature, philosophy, languages, and some work in the social sciences; a master's degree of outstanding quality comprising a wide range of work in theological and religious studies, normally an MDiv degree; and knowledge on the intermediate level of at least one modern language of scholarship relevant to the applicant's proposed course of study and, normally, one of the ancient languages such as Greek, Hebrew, Latin, or Sanskrit.

While the ThD program is governed and granted by Harvard Divinity School, it is administered by the Harvard University Committee on the Study of Religion, a standing committee of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. You will find detailed information about ThD fields of study and program requirements on the Committee on the Study of Religion website, as well as information about the PhD program, which is governed and granted by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.