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Boston Medical Center - Boston Healing Landscape Project

One Boston Medical Center Place
Building S
Boston, MA 02119
Phone: (617) 414-4534
Fax: (617) 414-3679
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Contact Person(s):

Dr. Linda L. Barnes

Organization Description:

Originally inspired by the Pluralism Project developed by Diana L. Eck at Harvard University to study and document the growing religious diversity of the United States, the Boston Healing Landscape Project, located in the Department of Family Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine, represents a complementary sister initiative to examine how, over the past thirty years, the medical landscape of the U.S. has changed in corresponding ways. This richly textured world of healing represents the new face of culturally and religiously grounded complementary and alternative medicine in America. It confronts the medical community with the challenge of shaping a positive response to the multiple approaches to healing being pursued by patients and their families.

The projects being developed by the Boston Healing Landscape Project are designed to respond to the cultural and religious worldviews of a multicultural, religiously diverse patient population, and to help develop resources that will enable clinicians to understand these worldviews and experiences more deeply, in the interest of a justice-based medicine. This coming year's projects will focus on the collection of oral histories from elders in different religious and cultural communities, although other projects are also possible (see below).

Opportunities for Student Involvement:

Students will, in ongoing consultation with the site supervisor, build a relationship with the elder to whom they are assigned, and learn to gather an oral history. Related activities may include attending worship services or religious sites and activities meaningful to the person, and reading background material that will help understand this person?s life experience. Students will develop skills related to networking, alliance building, and interviewing.

Alternative projects can include:

Resources Development:

News-Media Watch: Media review for news related to religion, healing & medicine, providing concise summaries for posting on the BHLP website.

Multicultural Country Guide: Continue to develop online modules for the guide

Commute/Transportation Information:

The No. 1 bus runs directly from Harvard Square to our doorstep, and takes a little over half an hour.

Arts of Ministry Competencies Offered:

  • Religious Education and Spiritual Development


Weekly supervision. A personal journal will be encouraged. Supervisor will encourage theological reflection related to working in religiously and culturally diverse contexts.

Additional Information:

Number of Students: 1

Total Compensation: $4000.00

Type of Compensation: work study

Additional Notes: Terms of Placement: Fifteen hours per week. Days and hours are worked out in consultation with the supervisor. Transportation costs not included.

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