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Merrimack Valley Project

1045 Essex Street
Lawrence, MA 01841
Phone: (978) 686-0650

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Organization Description:

The Merrimack Valley Project (MVP) is a regional broad based multi issue organization founded in 1992 to create social change. MVP has more than 30 member institutions compromiseed of congregations, labor unions and other community groups from across the Merrimack Valley. We buil relashionships by listening to each other and acting together out of our common concerns for justice in our communities. We are committed to improving the qaulity of life in Valley communities by organizing to save and create jobs with dignity and decent wages, to bring about reinvestment and economic revitalization, to save and create affordable housing, and to identify and persue other issues related to the welfare of the valley.

The Merrimack Valley Project has four chapter organizations in the cities and towns of a Lawrence, Lowell, Haverhill and Amesbury. All are old industrial mill cities and towns, but the region as a whole is an urban/suburban mix. The city of Lawrence has a majority hispanic population, the city of Lowell is ethnically and racially mixed with large southeast asian and latino communities. Our leadership is socio economically diverse.

Opportunities for Student Involvement:

Students will work as community organizers in one of the four chapters of MVP, to be determined based on student interests and skills. Organizing emphasis in 2002-2003 will be in the following campaigns:

Work campaign- this campaign involves the creation of a workers association in the Valley, fluency in Spanish required.

Regional Housing Strategy- This campaign will bring together the 4 chapters of the organization to address the affordable housing issue.

Congregational Development campaigns- Several congregations will embark on campaigns using a congregational development model to build community and capacity inside MVP member congregations to address social justice issues at the local and MVP- wide level. MVP is committed to the education and training of organizers and leaders. Students, as part of their training are required to attend a 1 day and another 3 day training during the course of the field study assignment. Enrolling in the course HDS-2914: Organizing: People Power and Change is also recommended

Commute/Transportation Information:

No information provided.

Arts of Ministry Competencies Offered:

  • Administration and Program Development
  • Public Leadership, Community Organizing, and Planning


Regular one-on-one supervisory sessions and attendance at weekly staff meetings.

Additional Information:

Number of Students: 2

Total Compensation: $3900.00

Type of Compensation: work study

Additional Notes: Site unavailable 2010-11.

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