Outside Funding Opportunities

Doctoral Research Funding Opportunities

Scholarships are listed alphabetically by the name of the sponsoring organization. Unless otherwise noted, please submit applications for funding directly to the sponsoring organization.

American Academy of Religion Collaborative Research Grants

Collaborative grants are intended to stimulate cooperative research among scholars in different institutions, with a focus on a clearly identified research project. They may also be used for interdisciplinary work with scholars outside the field of religion, especially when such work shows promise of continuing beyond the year funded. Collaborative project proposals are expected to describe plans for having the results of the research published.

American Academy of Religion Individual Research Grants

These grants provide support for important aspects of research such as travel to archives and libraries, research assistance, field work, and released time. Grant awards range from $500 to $5000.

To apply, visit the American Academy of Religion website.

American Association of University Women American Fellowships

American Fellowships support women scholars completing doctoral dissertations, conducting postdoctoral research, or finishing research for publication. To apply, see the American Fellowships program website.

American Historical Association Albert J. Beveridge Grant

The American Historical Association's Albert J. Beveridge Grant for Research in the History of the Western Hemisphere provides modest grants to support research in the history of the Western hemisphere (United States, Canada, and Latin America). The funds for this program come from the earnings of the Albert J. Beveridge Memorial Fund. Only members of the Association are eligible.

American Historical Association Bernadotte E. Schmitt Grants for Research in European, African, or Asian History

The funds for this program come from the earnings of a bequest from Bernadotte E. Schmitt, president of the American Historical Association in 1960. Only members of the association are eligible to apply. The grants are intended to further research in progress and may be used for travel to a library or archive, for microfilms, photographs, or photocopying—a list of purposes that is meant to be merely illustrative, not exhaustive (other expenses, such as child care, can be included).

American Historical Association Littleton-Griswold Research Grant for Research in U.S. Legal History

The American Historical Association is accepting applications for the Littleton-Griswold Research Grant for research in U.S. legal history and in the general field of law and society. The funds for this program come from the earnings of the Littleton-Griswold Fund. Only members of the Association are eligible to apply.

American Historical Association Michael Kraus Research Grant in American Colonial History

The American Historical Association's Michael Kraus Research Grant in American Colonial History recognizes the most deserving proposal relating to work in progress on a research project in American colonial history, with particular reference to the intercultural aspects of American and European relations. Only members of the Association are eligible.

Collegeville Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research

The Collegeville Institute offers a Resident Scholars Program as well as a Short-Term Residency Program.

Dan David Prize

The Dan David Prize laureates annually donate twenty scholarships of $15,000 each to outstanding doctoral and postdoctoral students of exceptional promise in the chosen fields. Ten scholarships are awarded to doctoral and postdoctoral students at universities throughout the world and ten scholarships at Tel Aviv University. For eligibility requirements and deadlines please visit the Dan David Prize website.

Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships

The Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships seek to increase the diversity of the nation's college and university faculties by increasing their ethnic and racial diversity, maximizing the educational benefits of diversity, and increasing the number of professors who can and will use diversity as a resource for enriching the education of all students.

Fund for Nurturing Unitarian Universalist Scholarship

The Panel on Theological Education of the Unitarian Universalist Association is receiving applications for grants up to $25,000 from Unitarian Universalist scholars who are committed to strengthening the UU movement through research and publication, excellence in teaching, and educational leadership.

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History invites applications for short-term fellowships in several categories: Research Fellowships for postdoctoral scholars at every faculty rank; Dissertation Fellowships for doctoral candidates who have completed exams and begun dissertation reading and writing; and Research Fellowships for journalists and independent scholars. The Gilder Lehrman Fellowships support work in one of their five archives.

Harvard University Asia Center Graduate Research Grants

The Harvard University Asia Center offers grants to support graduate research during the summer relating to any country in East, South, and Southeast Asia. The competition is open to graduate students from all Schools at Harvard at all stages of their academic careers. Grants will not exceed $3,000. 

Harvard University Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies

Harvard's Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies offers grants to support graduate research during the summer in or relating to China and Taiwan. The competition is open to graduate students from all Schools at Harvard at all stages of their academic careers. Grants will not exceed $3,000. Recipients are required to submit, upon their return, a brief report on their work over the summer.

Harvard University Foreign Languages and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships

The FLAS Fellowship competition is open to US citizens and permanent residents whose academic interests involve studies in East Asia, East Europe, Africa or the Middle East. Approved programs may be interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary and must always include study or research in an approved language of the area of specialization. Nominees and alternates are selected by a World Area Committee composed of faculty representatives from each of the priority fields of study.

Harvard University Weatherhead Center for International Affairs

Support of graduate and undergraduate students is an important priority for the Weatherhead Center. Generous grants from the Weatherhead Foundation and from the Hartley R. Rogers family allow the Center to provide extensive research opportunities for students. These funds complement our student programs funds from the Weatherhead Foundation and the Maurice and Sarah Samuels family, allowing us to offer exciting programs for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Hispanic Theological Initiative

The Hispanic Theological Initiative will award four outstanding Latino/a doctoral students a $15,000 grant each year during the life of the program. This award is for full-time doctoral students (PhD, EdD, ThD, or equivalent only) and requires that the student's institution partners with the HTI in providing the student with a tuition scholarship.

John Carter Brown Library Fellowships

John Carter Brown (JCB) Library Fellowships are available to graduate, doctoral, and postdoctoral students in the humanities whose research can benefit from time spent in the library’s collections. The JCB, an independently funded institution for advanced research at Brown University, offers residential fellowships to scholars and writers working on all aspects of the Americas in the early modern period. Both long- and short-term awards are available at stipends ranging from $2,100 to $4,200 per month.

Julius B. Richmond Fellowship

The Julius B. Richmond Fellowship at Harvard's Center on the Developing Child supports the dissertation research of all Harvard University doctoral students. Established in 2006, the Center is dedicated to creating a new generation of leaders who have a broad perspective on the promotion of healthy child development and who recognize the need to bring strong scientific knowledge to bear on policies and programs that support the well-being of children.

Massachusetts Historical Society Short-Term Research Fellowships

The Massachusetts Historical Society will offer approximately 20 short-term research fellowships. Except where otherwise noted, each grant will provide a stipend of $1,500 for four weeks of research at the Society. Short-term awards are open to independent scholars, advanced graduate students, and holders of the PhD or the equivalent, with candidates who live 50 or more miles from Boston receiving preference. Recipients must be U.S. citizens or foreign nationals holding the appropriate U.S. government documents.

Newberry Library Fellowships

The Newberry Library Fellowships are available to graduate, doctoral, and postdoctoral students in the humanities whose research would benefit from time spent in the library's collections. Newberry's collections concern the civilizations of Western Europe and the Americas from the late middle ages to the early twentieth century. A number of long- and short-term fellowships are available at stipends of $1,800 to $35,000.

University of Notre Dame Center for Philosophy of Religion

The Center for Philosophy of Religion at the University of Notre Dame provides a stipend for one Visiting Graduate Fellowship to a philosophy graduate student at another institution who is working on a dissertation in philosophy of religion or Christian philosophy and who would profit from spending a year at the Center.

Women's Research & Education Institution

The Women's Research & Education Institution offers the Congressional Fellowship on Women and Public Policy, which is designed to give students experience in public policymaking in Congress. Applicants must be women enrolled in a master's or doctoral program (or completed within the past 18 months), with preference given to applicants who have completed at least nine hours of graduate coursework and have a demonstrated interest in research or political activity related to women's social and political status.