The 2014 Peter J. Gomes STB '68 Memorial Honors

The Chairperson and members of the HDS Alumni/Alumnae Council are now accepting nominations for the second cohort of recipients of the Peter J. Gomes STB ’68 Memorial Honors.

The AAC seeks to honor distinguished HDS alumni whose excellence in life, work, and service pays homage to the mission and values of Harvard Divinity School. Nominations are being accepted with special respect to the following categories, although the categories are not binding. Nominating in more than one category, or between or across categories, is perfectly acceptable.

  • Service & Advocacy: To honor exceptional generous acts of local, national, and/or global service or advocacy
  • Ministry: To honor exceptional service in the learned ministry, in a traditional or progressive sense
  • Academics: To honor exceptional scholarship, dedicated and innovative pedagogy, inspired and inspiring classroom engagement, and the advancement of knowledge and inquiry
  • Arts & Letters: To honor exceptional contributions to society through the arts, music, literature, theatre and also journalism and non-fiction writing, etc.
  • Law: To honor the exceptional and creative accomplishments and service of an individual in the legal profession
  • Education:To honor exceptional teachers, administrators, and/or actors in the global education sphere 
  • Nonprofit Leadership: To honor exceptional leadership in the nonprofit sector
  • Government & International Affairs: to honor exceptional leadership and insight in local, state, national government, and/or international affairs 
  • Business & Entrepreneurship: To honor exceptional and thoughtful leadership or innovation in a business setting
  • Health & Healing: To honor exceptional service and/or innovation in the healing professions, as physicians, nurses, hospital chaplains, hospice workers, etc.
  • Science & Technology: To honor exceptional contributions to society via scientific and/or technological advancements, discoveries, or innovations
  • Philanthropy: To honor exceptional and creative acts of giving.

Please note: The AAC will not give honors in each category annually, but will accept nominations in all categories and honor a chosen few. Nominations must be made online. Nominations must be received by December 5, 2013. Those chosen by the AAC to receive honors will be invited to campus in the spring.