Throughout its history, the CSWR has sponsored rich and varied programs, symposia, and conferences for its residents, Harvard students and faculty, and world religions scholars beyond Harvard. Below you'll find video and audio presentations of recent talks, conferences, and programs that the Center has offered, and photograph collections including retrospectives of recent academic years, chronicles of important events, and other pictures of life at the CSWR.

Women Healing Women Conference
03.22.2004 Video

The Women Healing Women program, sponsored by the Religion, Health, and Healing Initiative of the Center for the Study of World Religions, with funding from the Germeshausen Foundation,...

Sacred Objects and Sacred Knowledge in Museum Spaces
11.13.2003 Audio

This talk by Martin Sullivan, chief executive officer of Historic St. Mary's City Commission (St. Mary's City, Maryland), was presented by the CSWR's Religion and the Arts Initiative.

What Is Religion?
10.22.2003 Audio

Karen Armstrong, religious scholar and best-selling author of The History of God, The Battle for God, and Jerusalem, met with students and spoke at the CSWR.

The American Empire: Globalization, War, and Religion
09.23.2003 Audio

Advocate for human rights, Chandra Muzaffar is a Malaysian who for many years taught at universities in his country, while remaining active in NGO work.

Chant Wars: A Medieval Musical Lecture and Performance
04.21.2003 Audio

The theme of "Chant Wars" is the famous ninth-century confrontation between the Carolingians and the various regional chant traditions they sought to replace.

Acto de Memoria
12.05.2002 Video

Sculptor Doris Salcedo discussed this art piece in her lecture, "Making the 'Disappeared' Visible", on December 5, 2002. The animation is made available to the Center for the Study of World...

Making the "Disappeared" Visible
12.05.2002 Video

Colombian sculptor Doris Salcedo, a fall 2002 CSWR Religion and the Arts Initiative fellow, spoke about and showed slides of her work. She spoke as part of the Carpenter Center's "An Evening...

Concert of Turkish Muslim Devotional Music A Program on the History, Theory, and Performance of Turkish Music
10.17.2002 Video

In this concert, two members from the world-renowned Turkish ensemble Lalezar perform classical Ottoman devotional songs.

Materiality and Spectacle
04.26.2001 Video

This panel discussion analyzes and discusses objects that impel ritual practice and liminal experience, exploring such questions as: How is matter important? How is the "otherness"—the peculiar...

Beyond Repatriation Part I
04.19.2001 Video

This panel discussion explores the idea that attention to other worldviews represented in the museum impels new legislation and significant institutional adaptation, and may carry museums beyond...