News and Events

Reality Check: How the Facts of Life on a Tough New Planet Shape Our Choices
03.08.2010 Video

A presentation by Bill McKibben, scholar in residence at Middlebury College and American environmentalist and writer who frequently writes about global warming, alternative energy, and the risks...

Q and A With the Buddha
03.04.2010 Audio

A talk by Thanissaro Bhikkhu, author, teacher, Theravada monk, and abbot of the Metta Forest Monastery near San Diego. Co-sponsored by the Harvard Buddhist Community.

Ecologies of Human Flourishing: A Case From Premodern South India
02.18.2010 Audio

A presentation by Anne Monius, Professor of South Asian Religions, Harvard Divinity School.

Religious Values and Global Health
11.18.2009 Audio

A presentation by Arthur Kleinman, MD.

Cities, Climate Change, and Christianity: Religion and Sustainable Urbanism
10.28.2009 Video

A presentation by Sallie McFague, Distinguished Theologian in Residence, Vancouver School of Theology, formerly Carpenter Professor of Theology at Vanderbilt Divinity School, and a leader in...

A World in Crisis: The Relevance of Spiritual-Moral Principles
10.01.2009 Audio

A lecture by Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, this was the first lecture in the 2009-10 Ecologies of Human Flourishing series.

Ethics of Bewilderment
05.18.2009 Video

This lecture was the culminating address in the year-long CSWR series "Moral Worlds and Religious Subjectivities".

Negative Eschatology and Interfaith Dialogue
04.28.2009 Video

The first annual Dana McLean Greeley Lecture for Peace and Social Justice was presented by Tomas Halik, theologian, priest, and Professor of Sociology at Charles University in Prague.

Religious Reason and Secular Affect: An Incommensurable Divide?
04.21.2009 Audio

A presentation by Saba Mahmood, Associate Professor, Social Cultural Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley.

Buddhist Thoughts on Intention
03.16.2009 Audio

A presentation by Maria Heim, Associate Professor of Religion, Amherst College. Response by Jonathan Schofer, Associate Professor of Comparative Ethics, Harvard Divinity School.