The following men and women have served as librarians of Andover-Harvard Theological Library (AHTL) since it was founded in 1911:

  1. Dr. Owen H. Gates, 1911-36.
  2. Dr. Milton V. Anastos, 1936-39.
  3. Dr. Henry J. Cadbury (Library Director), 1939-54; Dr. Jannette Newhall (Librarian), 1939-49, Helen Luitweiler (Librarian), 1949-54.
  4. Dr. George H. Williams (Acting Library Director); Ruby McGee (Librarian), 1955.
  5. Robert W. Flint (Acting Librarian), 1955-56.
  6. James Tanis, 1957-65.
  7. Dr. Maria Grossmann, 1965-73, 1979-86.
  8. Peter Lee Oliver, 1974-78.
  9. Dr. L. Charles Willard, 1986-99.
  10. Malcolm C. Hamilton (Interim Librarian), 1999-2003.
  11. Russell O. Pollard (Interim Librarian), 2003-04.
  12. Laura C. Wood, 2004-11.
  13. Russell O. Pollard (Interim Librarian), 2011-12.
  14. Dr. Douglas L. Gragg, 2012-present.

During most of the nineteenth century, before the AHTL was created, the "librarian" of Harvard Divinity School was a student appointed by the faculty (see complete list of student librarians).  These included Edward Capen, who became the first librarian of the Boston Public Library, 1852-74, and librarian of the Haverhill Public Library, 1874-1901, and Charles Ammi Cutter, who became the librarian of the Boston Athenaeum, 1869-93, and librarian of the Forbes Library, Northampton, 1894-1903. 

The only non-student librarians before the creation of the Andover-Harvard Theological Library were:

1826-27Sidney Willard (1780-56), AM 1801
1871-76James Jennison (1821-76), (HDS) 1852
1887-89Duren James Henderson Ward (1851-1942), AM 1883
1889-1908Robert Swain Morison (1847-1925), STB 1872