bMS 16150

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. Sanctuary Projects. Administrative Records, 1985-1986.

Box 1


Arizona Trial and Defense Fund

Case Studies

Case Study --May Memorial Packet --Syracuse, New York

Central American AV Resources

Chicago Unit Packets

Computer Data


Congregations Against Sanctuary

Correspondence --1986

Second Draft #1

Second Draft #2

Second Draft Returns

Fourth Draft

Box 2

Old Drafts

General Assembly Leftovers --1985


Handouts, Misc. Church

Interviews Begun on Case Studies

"Jubilee Partners" --Comer, Georgia --Report --1985


Memos, Correspondence, Printed Matter #1

Memos, Printed Matter #2 --1983-85

Memos, Correspondence, Printed Matter #3

New York --Metropolitan UU Council on Sanctuary Meeting -- Notes on --July 1984


Outline Work

Other Packets

Printed Matter #1

Printed Matter

Box 3

Resolutions, General

Resolutions by Individual Churches

Resources, Alternatives, Activities, Action

Resources, Miscellaneous

First Rewrite Notes

"Salvadorans in the United States" --1983

Sanctuary Celebration --1986

Sanctuary Handbook

Sanctuary Network

Sanctuary Packet --Rev. Richard W. Kelley

"Seeking Safe Haven" --A Congregational Guide

Supporting Articles and Resolutions

Vital Direction

XI --the Vote (draft)

Vote Process

Worship Services