bMS 199.2

American Unitarian Association. Records of annual meetings, 1825-1845.

bMS 199/1 (2) Leather bound notebook containing handwritten records of the annual meetings held by the American Unitarian Association from May 25, 1825 until May 27, 1845. The book begins with the following:

"A proposal to form a Society embracing the objects of the American Unitarian Association was brought before the Berry Street Conference on the morning of May 25, 1825, when an anonymous communication suggesting such a measure was read by the Scribe...
May 25, 1825. A meeting was accordingly held in the Berry Street Vestry at 4 o'clock p.m. Rev. Henry Ware D.D. of Cambridge was chosen moderator. After some discussion it was
Voted that it is expedient to form a new Society to be called the American Unitarian Association.
Voted that a Committee of three be appointed to carry the preceding into effect. 
Rev. James Walker Lewis Tappan Esq. and Rev. Ezra S. Gannett were appointed this Committee."

The book also contains the Constitution for the AUA, lists of those who held office in the Association, minutes for special meetings, and Treasurer's reports.