bMS 322

Murray Grove Association. Papers, [1866]-1969.

Container List

bMS 322/1 (1) Murray Grove guest register, 1936-1969.
bMS 322/1 (2) Visitors' register, 1940-1958. Includes list of books in Potter House book cas, August 1953.
bMS 322/1 (3) Murray Grove Association Rebuilding Committee. Record book, 1955-1958, including lists of pledges and donations, photographs, list of members.
bMS 322/1 (4) Photographs, n.d.; post card views.
bMS 322/2 (1) Scrapbook compiled by George A. Friedrich, beginning in 1951. Includes: clippings, programs, notes concerning Murray Grove; photographs of the Krementz family (Newark, N.J.); photographs of groups and scenes at Murray Grove, 1900-ca.1960.
bMS 322/2 (2) Photographs, correspondence, notes, miscellaneous papers from previous scrapbook.
bMS 322/2 (3) Scrapbook, 1925-ca.1962, compiled by Elizabeth S. Lewis to Murray Grove Association 1966. Includes: photographs; clippings; pamphlets; programs; minutes.
bMS 322/2 (4) Photographs, notes, leaflets from previous scrapbook. Includes constitution, 1962, of Murray Grove Association.
bMS 322/2 (5) Scrapbook: clippings, ca.1907-1950, concerning Murray Grove Association and JOhn Murray.
bMS 322/2 (6) Clippings and notes, mainly concerning Murray and Murray Grove, from previous scrapbook.
bMS 322/2 (7) Photographs from anonymous scrapbook: Y.P.C.U. group at Murray Grove and elsewhere.
bMS 322/2 (8) Certificate: Good-Luck Association, issued by New Jersey Universalist Convention [1866?].