bMS 336

Iowa Universalist Convention.  Records, 1843-1956.

Container List

bMS 336/1 (1) Effie McCollum Jones (1869-1952), "Centennial of Iowa Universalist Work, 1842-1942," 12 pp., address including information on records in this collection; Henry La Fayette Gillespie, "An Overlooked Background of the Universalist Church in Iowa," 18 pp., 1950.

bMS 336/1 (2) Iowa Universalist Convention. President's record book, compiled ca.1909-1921 by Franklin J. Drake, with addenda through 1930. Includes: copies of constitution, by-laws, articles of incorporation (1911), convention registers; registers and mailing lists; financial and historical information on local parishes; list of societies sending delegates to conventions, 1843-1909.

bMS 336/1 (3) Copies of pages from previous record book, annotated with additional information: "Active Parishes", 1911.

bMS 336/1 (4) "Records Closed, Property Sold, Trust Funds in Convention for same": copies of pages from previous record book with addenda to 1937.

bMS 336/1 (5) "Dormant Parishes owning Property," and miscellaneous copies of lists and pages from previous record book.

bMS 336/2 (1) Iowa Universalist Convention. Secretary's record book, 1894-1921, called "Volume 3." Includes: minutes of Convention and Executive Board meetings, 30 August 1894-9 June 1921, with constitutions, reports.

bMS 336/2 (2) Index to previous record book; Treasurer's report, 1912, 1953.

bMS 336/2 (3) Miscellaneous papers from previous record book, including programs and reports, 1922-1935, n.d.

bMS 336/2 (4) Correspondence, 1911, among Convention officers.

bMS 336/2 (5) Effie McCollum Jones, Historian of the Convention. Correspondence concerning histories of defunct churches, 1930, 1936; notes on Castalia Universalist Society.

bMS 336/3 (1) Fellowship, Ordination, and Discipline: record book, 1843-1954, called "Volume 2." Early records compiled from Secretary's Journals and Fellowship record book, 1910. With partial index.

bMS 336/3 (2) Papers from previous record book: folder 1.

bMS 336/3 (3) Papers from previous record book: folder 2.

bMS 336/3 (4) Copy of Register and Memorandum of Iowa Universalist Parishes, Mission Stations, and Isolated Believers, 1899. Folder 1: Parishes and Mission Stations, with information on property, A - L.

bMS 336/3 (5) Folder 2: Parishes and Mission Stations, M -W.

bMS 336/3 (6) Folder 3: List of Isolated Universalists, arranged alphabetically by town or district.

bMS 336/3 (7) Mailing lists of Post Office Mission of Iowa Universalist Convention, 1910-1913.

bMS 336/3 (8) Mailing lists, 1914-1917.

bMS 336/3 (9) Clippings.

bMS 336/3 (10) Letter, 1956, concerning transfer of fellowship records to Universalist Historical Society.

Note: 1974 letter to C. Raible, UUA says records from this convention were given to:

State Historical Society of Iowa