bMS 450

Lyndeborough, New Hampshire. United Church Of Lyndeborough. Records, 1782-1937.

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Historical Materials

bMS 450/1 (1) "A brief historical Sketch of the Congregational Church in Lyndeborough", 1757-1839, by Jacob White, Pastor, 1839.

bMS 450/1 (2) Excerpts from:

Historical Address Given at the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Settlement of the Twon of Lyndeborough, N>H>, September 4, 1889, Rev. Frank Clark, pp. 34-68, Concord, N.H.: Republican Press Association, 1889.

The Congregational and Presbyterian Ministry and Church of New Hampshire, by Henry A. Hazen, pp. 20-21, Boston: Alfred Mudge & Son, 1875. Biographical information on Lyndeborough pastors from John Rand to Irving Jones.

The New Hampshire Churches; Comprising Histories of the Congregational and Presbyterian Churches in the State..., by Robert F. Lawrence, pp. 192-199, Claremont: The Claremont Manufacturing Company, 1856.

List of further references for histories of Lyndeborough and information concerning taxation for ministerial support.

Religious and Spiritual Documents, 1813-1910

bMS 450/1 (3) "Relations" of religious experiences: letters to the Church congregation relating religious experiences and requesting membership, 1813-1887 (incomplete and mostly undated). Last names starting with "A".

bMS 450/1 (4) Ditto. "Ba-Bl"

bMS 450/1 (5) Ditto. "Bo-Bz"

bMS 450/1 (6) Ditto. "Ca-Ch"

bMS 450/1 (7) Ditto. "Cl-Cz"

bMS 450/1 (8) Ditto. "D"

bMS 450/1 (9) Ditto. "E"

bMS 450/1 (10) Ditto. "Ga-Gl"

bMS 450/1 (11) Ditto. "Go-Gz"

bMS 450/1 (12) Ditto. "Ha-Hi"

bMS 450/1 (13) Ditto. "Ho-Hz"

bMS 450/1 (14) Ditto. "J"

bMS 450/2 (1) Ditto. "K"

bMS 450/2 (2) Ditto. "L"

bMS 450/2 (3) Ditto. "Mac"

bMS 450/2 (4) Ditto. "M"

bMS 450/2 (5) Ditto. "N"

bMS 450/2 (6) Ditto. "O"

bMS 450/2 (7) Ditto. "P"

bMS 450/2 (8) Ditto. "R"

bMS 450/2 (9) Ditto. "S"

bMS 450/2 (10) Ditto. "T"

bMS 450/2 (11) Ditto. "U"

bMS 450/2 (12) Ditto. "W"-except Woodward

bMS 450/2 (13) Ditto. "Woodward"

bMS 450/2 (14) Ditto. "Illegible"

bMS 450/3 (1) Complaint papers. "A copy of the articles of complaints by brother Eleazor Woodward against brother Joseph Kidder" for "trespassing on the rest of the Lord's day", the 1818 "scarecrow" case which brought much strife and controversy to the church and led to the appointing of a committee before which all complaints must be brought, the committee to determine if they should be brought before the church.

bMS 450/3 (2) Ditto, including original complaint letters, reports of the Church Standing Committee and the Watchfulness and Discipline Committee, depositions, letters to the defendants and recommendations for excommunication for the cases of: Eli Curtis vs. John Haggett re. deceptive accounts, 1825; Eli Curtis vs. Asa Manning re. a personal squabble, 1826; Israel Goodridge vs. Eli Holt, 1834-35; Jonah Wheeler vs. Ebenezer Martin, 1835. Letters re. a case between Deacon John Houston and Leonard Spaulding, a member of the Congregational Church in Francestown, N.H. See also bMS 450/3 (5).

bMS 450/3 (3) Ditto, including complaints, depositions, reports et cetera concerning Elias McIntire vs. Israel Woodward (led to excommunication), James Whittemore vs. Israel Goodridge (led to excommunication), Oliver Bixby vs. Mary Williams, 1823-1843. These cases were considered together by the Standing Committee and the Watchfulness and Discipline Committee, although they were unrelated.

bMS 450/3 (4) Complaint correspondence of Ira Houston (1785-1872), member of the Watchfulness and Discipline Committee, 1829-1833, re. a consanguinity case. He considered the relationship adulterous and a violation of the laws of God. Contains scriptural interpretations by Houston and N. Merrill, Pastor.

bMS 450/3 (5) Ditto, especially re Houston vs. Spaulding (of Francestown).

bMS 450/3 (6) Complaint papers. Miscellaneous complaints and depositions, 1818-1853.

bMS 450/3 (7) Correspondence concerning the transfer of church membership: requests for recommendations and dismissals, recommendations, 1811-1910. Includes refusal to dismiss to the Greenfield, N.H. Congregational Church, 1843.

bMS 450/3 (8) Confessions of transgressions.

bMS 450/3 (9) "Calls to settle", papers of acceptance and dismissal of pastors, 1811-45. Ivory Kimball's (Pastor 1842-46) call to settle, acceptance letter, request for and report of his dismissal.

bMS 450/3 (10) Papers of Rev. Nathaniel Merrill (1782-1839), Pastor 1811-1836: letters, confession of faith, personal financial records. During his term as pastor, the church experienced its greatest revival (1826) and a conflict over the township's ministerial tax.

bMS 450/3 (11) Narratives of the deathbed spiritual experiences of Barron Clark (1915-1826). Reports of his piety along with the efforts of the Religious Society are said to have inspired the revival of 1826.

bMS 450/3 (12) Papers of Rev. Theophilus Parsons Sawin (1817-1886), Pastor 1878-1886. Mostly his salary receipts.

bMS 450/3 (13) Miscellaneous letters. Includes castigatory letters to individuals whose beliefs vary from those of the Congregational Society.

General Church Records, 1782-1937

bMS 450/3 (14) Annual Reports of the Wardens of the Orthodox Society, 1851-1869 (incomplete). Financial reports given every March.

bMS 450/3 (15) Notices for Meetings, 1782-1875 (incomplete); includes Agendas.

bMS 450/3 (16) Incorporation type documents. Constitution of the Religious Society (1823? appears to be a shorter version of the one listed on pp. 310-311 in History of Lyndeborough, N.H.); constitution of a committee "of watchfulness and vigilance" (later Watchfulness and Discipline Committee) "for the better promotion of morality, good order and discipline" which is empowered at act as representatives of the church in cases of trial and "hear all suitable evidence" (1832)--see also Complaint papers, bMS 450/3 (1-3); fragments of the Ladies Bible Association constitution.

bMS 450/3 (17) Resolutions of various committees. Resolutions on Slavery, 1844 (adamantly against slavery); resolutions of the Lyndeborough Religious Society, 1818 and 1811-1836; general resolution against an unspecified sin.

bMS 450/4 (1) Deeds, 1855-1861.

bMS 450/4 (2) Deeds, Quitclaim, 1864-1901; Mortgage, 1859-1887. Mostly transactions of the Cummings family.

bMS 450/4 (3) Deeds, Warranty, 1858-1912. Mostly transactions of the Cummings family.

bMS 450/4 (4) Mortgage discharges: 1857, 1896. See also Deeds, Mortgage.

bMS 450/4 (5) Wills: Lucinda Maria Stiles, 1896, and Wm. H. Moors, 1925.

bMS 450/4 (6) Wills and estate papers of Myra L. Hibbard (daughter of Charles J. and Eliza Cummings), 1929-1937, and Maria Richmond, 1894-1899.

bMS 450/4 (7) Miscellaneous meeting reports: re Israel Cram's estate. Concerns payment alledgedly due Peter Clark, who brought the estate, for expenses incurred by a law suit and church salaries.

bMS 450/4 (8) Miscellaneous church documents, including a list of missionaries to India; "Temperance thoughts" from Mr. Rankin's domestic missions sermon, 1826; governor of Vermont's "A Proclamation" of fast, 1821; prayer requests; request for marriage, 1818, because there "is no such thing in this state (New York) as publishing the banns."

Financial Records, 1808-1895

bMS 450/4 (9) Subscription lists for: Ministers' salaries 1847-48, 1854, 1855-60; 1865-68; 1870; 1874-75, undated; see separate files, bMS 450/3 (10) and (12), for receipts of N. Merrill and T.P. Sawin.

bMS 450/4 (10) Subscription lists for: Sunday School and Sunday School costs, 1870's, 1890. See also Bills and receipts for Sunday School books, bMS 450/5 (4).

bMS 450/4 (11) Donations. Receipts of donations to the Home, and Foreign Missionary Societies. Home Missionary Society: 1877, 1886-1889, 1892, 1893. Foreign Missionary Society: 1845, 1865, 1872, 1888-89, 1894-95. Miscellaneous donation receipts, including YWCA, 1877, Sunday School Mission New Hampshire Bible Association, 1876. A letter from a former church member listing all the names of former members who donated money for a new organ.

bMS 450/4 (12) Insurance. Fire insurance receipts 1851-53, 1857, 1863; payment receipts for 1890 lightning damage. See Nathaniel Merrill file for the insurance policy on his house.

bMS 450/4 (13) Taxes: Invoices 1844, 1853-55; 1858-59, and undated notes with amounts listed. Some invoices contain the assessment from which the tax was calculated.

bMS 450/4 (14) Taxes: Tax book 1849, 1851-54.

bMS 450/4 (15) Taxes: Tax books 1855-63.

bMS 450/4 (16) Taxes: list of uncollected taxes 1849-1857. Includes reports from an 1840 committee "chosen to investigate the pecuniary delinquencies that existed in the Church...."

bMS 450/5 (1) Tax receipts from: Hillsborough County Conference, 1873, 1877-83 (incomplete) and Town of Lyndeborough for Town, School, State and County Tax, 1851-52, 1854-58 (incomplete).

bMS 450/5 (2) Receipts for general labor, 1852-1895. Mostly for bell ringing and care of grounds and buildings. The majority are signed by J.E. Ordway, Sexton.

bMS 450/5 (3) Receipts and bills for supplies, e.g., wood, shingles, plaster, 1854-79, 1881, 1892-95.

bMS 450/5 (4) Receipts for Sunday School papers and books, mostly from the Congregational Publishing Society, 1873-1878. Includes itemized lists of titles for 1886, 1887 and an 1808 Social library account.

bMS 450/5 (5) Receipts for ministers' salaries and preaching, 1846-79 (incomplete).

bMS 450/5 (6) Ditto, 1886-96 (incomplete). See separate files for salary receipts of N. Merrill and T.P. Sawin.

bMS 450/5 (7) Miscellaneous financial records. Includes a ledger of unpaid amounts, 1839-1873; two fragments of Church expenses from the 1870's.