bMS 901

Unitarian Universalist Photograph Collection

This collection includes individuals and churches, and photographs of various AUA, UCA, and UUA sponsored group activities. It is regularly being updated. And it is not the only source for Unitarian and Universalist photographs at Andover-Harvard. Other photographs may be also found in the various manuscript collections held by the library and in such files as the Unitarian Universalist Minister file.

Container List

American Unitarian Association. The 25 staff. bMS 901/1(1)

American Unitarian Youth. bMS 901/1(2)

Annisquam, Ma. Universalist Church. bMS 901/1(3)

Atlanta, Georgia. Unitarian Universalist Church. bMS 901/1(4)

Ballou, Hosea. bMS 901/1(5)

Ballou, Hosea. Birthplace, Richmond, NH bMS 901/1(6)

Bancroft, Aaron. bMS 901/1(7)

Bancroft, Lucretia Chandler. bMS 901/1(8)

Bellows, Henry Whitney. bMS 901/1(9)

Belmont, Ma. Unitarian Universalist Church bMS901/1(10)

Bigelow, Henry J. bMS 901/1(ll)

Bigelow, Jacob. bMS 901/1(12)

Binghamton, New York. Universalist Church. bMS 901/1(13)

Bowditch, Henry. bMS 901/1(14)

Bowen, Clayton Raymond. bMS 901/1(16)

Bowen, (E. or C.?) J. bMS 901/1(15)

Braintree, Massachusetts. All Souls Church. bMS 901/1(17)

Brewster, Massachusetts. Unitarian Church. bMS 901/1(18)

Burroughs, Charles. bMS 901/1(19)

Channing, William Ellery. bMS 901/1(20)

Chapin, Augusta. bMS 901/1(21)

Charleston, SC Unitarian Church. bMS 901/1(22)

Christie, Francis A. bMS 901/1(23)

Clark, Edward. bMS 901/1(24)

Clarke, James Freeman. bMS 901/1(250

Cleveland, Ohio. Church of the Unity. bMS 901/1(26)

Collyer, Robert. bMS 901/1(27)

Concord, Massachusetts. First Parish. bMS 901/1(28)

Dallas, Texas. Unitarian Church. bMS 901/1(29)

Dayton, Ohio. Unitarian Universalist Church. bMS 901/1(30)

Denby, George. bMS 901/1(31)

Des Moines, Iowa. First Unitarian Church. bMS 901/1(32)

Eastburn, Manton. bMS 901/1(33)

Eastport, Maine. Unitarian Church. bMS 901/1(38)

Eliot, Frederick May. bMS 901/1(33a)

Eliot, Rufus. bMS 901/1(34)

Eliot, William Greenleaf. bMS 901/1(35)

Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Unitarian Church. bMS 901/1(36)

Fenn, William Wallace. bMS 901/1(37)

Fort Collins, Co. Unitarian Universalist Church. bMS 901/2(1)

Freeman, James. bMS 901/2(2)

Gannet, Ezra Stiles. bMS 901/2(3)

Goddard Seminary bMS 90l/3(32

Greeley, Dana McLean. bMS 901/2(4)

Green, John. bMS 901/2(5)

Greenfield, Ma. Unitarian Church. bMS 901/2(6)

Hall, Edward Brooks. bMS 901/2(7)

Hale, Edward Everett. bMS 901/2(8)

Hedge, Frederic Henry. bMS 901/2(9)

Herford, Brooke. bMS 901/2(9a)

Hill, Alonzo. bMS 901/2(l0)

Hill, Frances Mary (Clarke). bMS 901/2(ll)

Hodges, Dr. bMS 901/2(12)

Homans, John. bMS 901/2(13)

Jackson, J.B.S. bMS 901/2(14)

Jackson, James. bMS 901/2(15)

Kapp, Max A. bMS 901/2(16)

Kepworth, G. bMS 901/2(17)

Lathrop, Samuel. bMS 901/2(18)

Longfellow, Samuel. bMS 901/2(19)

MacLean, Angus Hector. bMS 901/2(19a)

Medford, Ma. Universalist Church. bMS 901/2(20)

Murray Grove, N.J. bMS 901/2(21)

Northampton, Ma. Unitarain Church. bMS 901/2(22)

Norton, Andrews. bMS 901/2(23)

Oklahoma City, Ok. Unitarian Church. bMS 901/2(24)

Oxford, Ma. Universalist Society. bMS 901/2(24a)

Palfrey, John Gorham. bMS 90l/2(25)

Park, Charles Edward. bMS 901/2(26)

Parke, David B. bMS 901/2(27)

Parker, Theodore. bMS 901/2(28)

Peabody, Francis Greenwood. bMS 901/2(29)

Perry, Dr. bMS 901/2(30)

Peterborough, NH Unitarian Church. bMS 901/2(31)

Petersham, Ma. Unitarian Church. bMS 901/2(32)

Philadelphia, Pa. First Unitarian Church. bMS 901/2(33)

Pierce, Rev. Dr. bMS 901/2(34)

Putnam, A. P. bMS 901/2(35)

Putnam, Charles. bMS 901/3(1)

Putnam, George. bMS 901/3(2)

Quincy, Ma. Church of the Presidents. bMS 901/3(3)

Raible, Christopher G. bMS 901/3(4)

Raible, Robert. bMS 901/3(5)

Redlands, Ca. Unity Church. bMS 901/3(6)

Reynolds, Edward. bMS 901/3(7)

Richmond, Va. bMS 901/3(8)

Rihbany, Abraham Mitrie. bMS 901/(8a)

Robbins, Chandler. bMS 901/3(9)

Rowe, Ma. Unitarian Church. bMS 901/3(10)

Rowe Camp, Ma. bMS 901/3(ll)

Salem, Ma. The First Church. bMS 901/3(12)

Senexet Retreat House. bMS 901/3(13)

Sparks, Jared. bMS 901/3(14)

Star Island, NH Isles of Shoals. bMS 901/3(15)

Stoner, Dr. bMS 901/3(16)

Storrs, Rev. Dr. bMS 901/3(17)

Student Federation of Religious Liberals. bMS 901/3(17a)

Taylor, Rev. bMS 901/3(18)

Tilden, W. P. bMS 901/3(19)

Thomson, J. W. bMS 901/3(20)

Townsend, S. bMS 901/3(21)

Tulsa, Ok. All Souls Church. bMS 901/3(22)

Unitarian Universalist Association. Staff 1969 bMS 901/3(23)

Universalist Service Committee. bMS 901/3(24)

Ware, Henry, Jr. bMS 901/3(25)

Ware, John F. W. bMS 901/3(26)

Warren, Edward. bMS 901/3(27)

Washington, DC Universalist Church. bMS 901/3(28)

Whitridge, Joshua. bMS 901/3(29)

Willson, Edmund Burke. bMS 901/3(30)

Woodstock, Vt. North Universalist Chapel. bMS 901/3(31 )