bMS 1127

American Unitarian Association, Department of Ministry, Director, Records, 1939-1975

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Call Number: bMS 1127
Title:  American Unitarian Association, Department of Ministry, Director, Records, 1939-1975
Repository: Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School,
45 Francis Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138-1911
Quantity: 28 boxes (9.80 linear feet)

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Hollis number: AXM9998
Preferred Citation: American Unitarian Association, Department of Ministry, Director, Records, 1939-1975, bMS 1127, Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School.
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Container List:

Box 1
Advisory Committee, 1956
Aging Conference (1-2)
Alternatives, Committee on
Bartlett, J.R. - Bearings
Bartlett, J.R. - Report on Ministry Shifts
Board of Inquiry - Andrew Rosenberger
Brigham, J.W. - Writings (Sermons, Articles)
Budget (1)

Box 2
Budget (2)
Budget, 1963 - 1965
Budget, 1965 - 1966
Budget, 1965 - 1967
Budget, 1967 - 1968
"Celebrations" Series - ("Are Ministers Necessary")
Central Fellowship Committee (CFC) (1-3)

Box 3
Central Fellowship Committee-
Fellowship -- Pending
Fellowships -- 1956
Newell Case
UCA Fellowship
Central Massachusetts District
Certificate Renewals
Certificate Renewals - Regional Directors Reports
Clean-up Letters
College Centers
Congregations - Church of the Messiah
Congressional Internships for Ministers
Connecticut Valley District
Consolidation; Coordinating, Committee on
Crane Theological Institute, 1958 - 1964
Crane Theological Institute, 1963 - 1966
Crane Theological Institute, 1967 - 1968

Box 4
Creative Arts Institute (DeBenneville Pines)
Departmental Advisory Committee
Development Fund
Development Fund Projection
Development Fund, Scholarship Data
District Executives, 1963
District Executives - Meetings
District Guide
Draft Deferment - Pre-Theological Students
Dual, Affiliated and Reciprocal Fellowships
Experimental Ghetto Church (1)

Box 5
Experimental Ghetto Church (2-3)
Experimental Ghetto Church - Proposal (1-2)
Fay, Leon
Fellowship Committee Records - Historical
Fellowship for Renewal
Film on the Ministry
Fraters (Wayside Inn)
General letter - Replies

Box 6
Goals Committee
Grinnell College
Hackley School (1-2)
Harvard University
Harvard Divinity School
Harvard Divinity School - Charles Forman
Harvard Denominational Liaison Advisor
Historical Scholarship, Committee on
Howard Benevolent Society
Humanist Fellowship of Liberation

Box 7
Identity Sermons
Inner City Seminar
Installations, Committee on
Integrated Ministry, Intra-Denominational, Committee on
Japanese Free Religious Association
Journal of the Liberal Ministry
Journal of Religion and Health
Kennedy Assassination 1963 - Reactions
Lay Leadership, 1965
Lay Ministers
Liberal Education, Center for the Study of
Liberal Religious Thought and Dialogue, Committee on (1)

Box 8
Liberal Religious Thought and Dialogue, Committee on (2)
Liberal Religious Youth
MacGilvra, Ralph
Massachusetts Bay
Massachusetts Congregational Christian Conference
Massachusetts Council of Churches
McLoughlin, Emmett
Meadville Lombard - (1924)
Meadville-Lombard - Correspondence (1)

Box 9
Meadville-Lombard - Correspondence (2-4)
Memorial Societies
Metropolitan New York Advisory Committee
Mid-Century White House Conference

Box 10
Mid-South Advisory Committee
Mid-West Advisory Fellowship Committee (1-2)
Ministerial Education
Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC)
Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC) - Pre-1945

Box 11
Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC) - 
Advisory Committee
Counseling Service
Fellowship Book
Fellowship Cases
Gift Books
Legal Counsel
Policy, 1962
Rules (1-2)
Special Votes and Procedures

Box 12
Ministerial Leadership, Changing Patterns
Ministerial Welfare, Committee on - Questionnaire 1971 (1-2)
Ministerial Welfare, Committee on - Questionnaire 1972 (1-2) 
Ministers - Advisory Committee
Ministers - Associate Ministers
Ministers - Inactive
Ministers - Institutes
Ministers - Japan
Ministers - Minister-Church Relations
Ministers - New Ministers Seminar 1963 - 1964
Ministers - New Ministers Seminars, 1965

Box 13
Ministers - Open Letters
Ministers - Ordained Women
Ministers - Service Manual
Ministers - Slides
Ministers - Support Services
Ministers Association, (UU) (1-2)
Ministers Associations, (general) 
Ministers Association, (UU) - Executive Board (1-2)
Ministers Association, (UU) - Postma, Ann (1)

Box 14
Ministers Association (UU) - Postma, Ann (2)
Ministers Association (Unitarian)
"Ministers Wife, The" Boston University Research Program
Ministry, Changing Characteristics of
Ministry - Committee to Study Specialized Ministries
Ministry - Multiple Ministries
Ministry - Specialized Ministries
Ministry Sunday (1-2)
Ministry Sunday - Sermons
Ministry Testing Program, 1954 - 1955
Ministry to Metropolis
Necrology (1)

Box 15
Necrology (2)
New England District Executives
North Conway Institute
Northeast District UUA
Office Information
Pacific Central District Advisory Committee 
Pacific Northwest
Pacific Southwest Advisory Fellowship Committee
Packet, The
Pamphlet, Commission
Pamphlet Drafts
Placement, Committee on
Ponoco Conference
Policies - general

Box 16
Policy - Journal of the Liberal Ministry
Policy - Theological Student
Policy Folder - Associate Director (Deane Starr)
Policy Statement - Theological Scholarships (Peter Putnam)
Princeton Meeting, 10/1964
Prison Chaplains
Professional Religious Leadership, Commission for
Program Exchange, Vol. 2 No. 4 (1-2)
Psychological Tests
Publicity - Annual Fund

Box 17
Reading lists
Recruitment (1-3)
Recruitment, Committee on 
Recruitment Pamphlets (Working File)
Recruitment Statement Prospectus
Regional Advisory Committees
Regional Advisory Committees on Fellowship
Regional Committees
Regional Directors - Fellowship Committee
Religious Education
Religious Education Center - Personnel Committee (Chicago)
Reorganization - Budget

Box 18
Reorganization Meetings
Reports - D/M
Resolution, 1964 - Investigation D/M
Restoration Exchange
Rockefeller Brothers Theological Fellowship Program
Rules - Ministerial Fellowship Committee
Saint Lawrence District
Saint Lawrence Foundation
Salary Survey - Parish Ministers
San Jose Centennial
Scholarship Chart and Policies
Scholarship Committee, 1939 - 1944

Box 19
Scholarship Committee, 1945
Scholarship Committee, 1967
Scholarship Committee, Minutes and Funds
Scholarship Committee, Minutes and Masters
Scholarship Fund Ledgers
Scholarship Information, 1956 - 1967
Scholarship Minutes, 1965 Box 19, cont.

Scholarship Notes, 1949 - 1960
Scholarship - Grades (1)

Box 20
Scholarship - Grades (2)
Scholarships - Miscellaneous
Scholarships - Past and Incomplete
Scientific Study of Religion, Society for
Senextet Conference (1-2)
Senextet 1964

Box 21
Senextet 1965
Senextet 1966
Senextet 1967 (1-2)
Senextet 1968
Senextet Conference - Minutes 1956 - 1960
Senextet Council
Sermons (Submitted for Packet)

Box 22
Sermons, 1967
Settlement Statistics
Smith Education Fund
South America
Southern Districts
Southern New England Unitarian Council
Southwestern Unitarian Conference
Southwestern Unitarian Conference Fellowship Committee
Starr, Deane - Summary Reports
Starr King School and Scholarships
Starr King School for the Ministry, 1943 - 1963 (1-2)
Starr King School for the Ministry, 1960 - 1972

Box 23
Starr King Correspondence - Pre-1967
Statistics (1-5)

Box 24
Stevens Fellowship
Student Training
Student Work
Summer Institutes and Assemblies
Summer Preaching
Summer Study - Evaluations
Surveys (1-3)

Box 25
Taylor, Harold - Taylor Committee
Taylor Committee
Ten Days of Celebration
Theological Conference, 1/18-19/64
Theological Conference, 4/20/64
Theological Education - Continuing
Theological Education - Continuing -- Ecumenical Team
Theological Education - Implementation Committee
Theological Education - Princeton, N.J. Church Meetings
Theological Education, Committee on (1)

Box 26
Theological Education, Committee on (2)
Theological Education, New York Center Committee
Theological Education, Society for the Promotion of, 1941-1958 (1-2)
Theological Schools 
Theological Schools - Correspondence
Theological Schools, Finance Committee for
Theological Students, 1962 - 1963

Box 27
Thomas Jefferson Advisory Fellowship Committee
Tufts Conference Committee, 11/12-14/54
UCA - Fund Administration
Universal Free Life Church
"Under the Palms"
UUA - general
V - general
Vanguard Program
Vetra, Vija
Virginia, Arlington - Redman, Edward H.
Visiting Committee

Box 28
W - general
Walden Round Robin
War Service Committee
What a Church Expects of a Minister
Widows Society
Wives Seminars
World War II Record
Worship Materials Project