bMS 1170

Unitarian Universalist Association, Religious Education, Religious Education Advisory Committee Records, Correspondence, 1980-1992

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Call Number: bMS 1170
Title:  Unitarian Universalist Association, Religious Education, Religious Education Advisory Committee Records, Correspondence, 1980-1992
Repository: Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School,
45 Francis Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138-1911
Quantity: 8 boxes (2.80 linear feet)

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Preferred Citation:  Unitarian Universalist Association, Religious Education, Religious Education Advisory Committee Records, Correspondence, 1980-1992, bMS 1170, Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School.
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Box 1
About Your Sexuality
About Your Sexuality --Grant Proposal
Accreditation --Comprehensive Exam
Accreditation --Why An Accredited Religious Education
Accreditation Archives
Accreditation Counselors
Accreditation Privilege
Accreditation Program
Accreditation Sub-Committee, 1976
Accreditation Sub-Committee, 1977
Accreditation Sub-Committee Minutes -- Miscellaneous
Accreditation Sub-Committee Minutes, 1976-79
AIDS Packet Revision
Andrews, Barry
Armstrong, Joan
Audio-Visual Loans
B --General
Bartling, Linn
Beach, Barbara Kres
Beard, Margaret L.
Becker, Randy L.
Birmingham, M.J.
Bowen Fund Grants
Brenner, Ellen T.
British GA Proposal for RE Exchange
British UU's Cave, Dudley
British UU's --Dick, Rev. Steve
British Unitarians --General, 1985 
British Unitarians --General, 1986
British UU's Hewerdine, Dot

Box 2
British UU's --Jones, Rev. Trevor
British Unitarians Visit, 1985
Brody --Grant Proposal
Brody, Carol
Brownfield, Beth
Buehrens, John
C --Miscellaneous
Calderwood, Martha
Canadian Unitarian Council
Central Midwest District/R.E. Materials
Center For The Prevention of Sexual Violence
Charleston, South California
CIBC Textbook Project
Conclave, 2/8 to 10/1980
Conclave, 1987
Conclave, 1988
Conclave, 1989
Cram, Ronald
Curriculum Advisory Committee
Curriculum History
Davis, Newell
DeFrain, Dr. John
Delamar, Gloria
Correspondence: Director's Correspondence
Correspondence: Director's Correspondence, 7/88-12/88

Box 3
Director's Correspondence, 1/89-10-89
Director's Correspondence, 11/89-2/90
Director's Correspondence, 1/90-6/90
Director's Correspondence, 7/90-12/90
Director's Memos
Duncan, Lucinda
Edgecomb, Barbara
"Employing Your Total Self"
Empowerment Workshop, Report on Reason
European UU's
European UU's --Jean Sundborg
European UU Fellowship/Brussels
European UU Fellowship/Paris
European UU Trip --Great Britain
Evaluations --Church School and D.R.E.
F --General
Families 2000 --Leaders

Box 4
Gooding, Peg.
Gould Fund --Biography of Josephine Gould
Graham, Dee
H --General
Harvard Divinity School, R.E. Course
Herman, Ken
Higgins, Mae
Hoertdoerfer, Pa.
Hooper, Roger
Houtlon, Susan
Howe, Charles
Howlett, Duncan
Human Resources
Hunter, Edith F.
Hunter, Judy
Hunting Eleanor
Independent Study Committee
Independent Study Program (1-2)
Information for Candidates
Institute on Congregational Analysis
Intergovernmental Movement
J --Miscellaneous
Johnson, Todd
LREDA, 1991-1992
LREDA Journal, 1987-1991
LREDA Journal, 1991-1992

Box 5
MacLean Angus --"What Faith For Our Sons"
MacLean --The Wind in Both ears
Massachusetts Bay District
McDuff, Dona
Mid-Size Church
Miller, Orloff
Miller Scale
Ministry of Religious Education
Mission Project
Morgan, John C.
Murray, Judith Sargent
Murray Grove
MRE Focus Group
N --General
Navias --Field Reports, 1963
Navias --Field Reports, 1964
Navias --Field Reports, 1965
Navias --Field Reports, 1966

Box 6
Navias --Field Reports, 1967
Parish Resource Center
Peace Experiments Curriculum
Peace Fellowship
Peace and Justice Workshop
Peace Program
Planned Parenthood Article on AYS
Planned Parenthood and Sexuality Program
Portsmouth N.H.
The Professional Religious Educator
Proudly UU
Psychological Testing
R --General
Racism Audit
Radical Rights
Registration Forms
RE Association
RE Committee Functions and Responsibilities
RE Directory, 1990-1991
RE Future
RE Future Committee
RE Leader Research
RE Materials List
RE Services
RE Slide Show
REACH --Intergovernmental Programs
UU Identity, Winter 1982
"The Religious Educator: A Job Analysis"
Religious Educator On Loan

Box 7
Renaissance Program
Reports to UUA Board, 1985
Reports to UUA Board, 1988-92
Reports to UUA President
Reynolds, Malvina
Rickard, Jean
Rollins, Don
Rosen, Harold
S --General
Sagamore Institute
Saint Lawrence Degree
Saint Lawrence Foundation (1-2)
Schulz, William
Scholarship Requests
Scott, Faith Grover
Senn, Corelyn
Settlement Procedures For Liberal Religious Educators
Sexual Abuse
Shipley, Jody
Shippee, John
Siegfried, Sara Jane
Simond, Hildred
Skwire, Midge
Smith and Peltz Collection
Snyder, Ross and Martha
Standards For Certification
Starr, Dean
Starr King
Stier, Joyce

Box 8
Sudbury, Ma --Building Consultation
SYNAPSE --Article
T --General
Taylor, Carol Ann
Taylor, Cindy
Taylor, Dalmas
Taylor, Norma
Team Teaching
Television for Religious Education
Thayer, Robert
Thomas, Gretchen
Thorn, Emily
Toronto School Board
Tousley, Ben
Tracey, Denise
Travel Itineraries
UU Council Disabilities
UU Identity Materials --Biography
UU Identity Songs
UU Ministers' Association
UU Musicians Network --Songbook'
V --General
Vision of Peace Project
W --General
Ware, Donald and Dorothy
Washington Workshop, 1985
Webber, Patricia
Welcoming Church
Williams, Gail
Williams, Starr
Women and Religion Committee
Young Adult Ministries --1/1986 Meeting
Young Adult Ministries --Report
Youth Handbook
Zidowecki, Helen
Zodiac Group Activities