bMS 1195

Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association, Records, 1955-1987

Summary Information:

Call Number: bMS 1195
Title:  Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association, Records, 1955-1987
Repository: Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School,
45 Francis Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138-1911
Quantity: 25 boxes (8.75 linear feet)

Administrative Information:

Preferred Citation:  Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association, Records, 1955-1987, bMS 1195, Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School.
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Container List:

Box 1
Abraxas --Congregation
Action for Independent Maturity
Ad-Hoc Committee for Democracy Among UU's
American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
American Association of Retired Persons--Form Letter
Annual Meetings, 1956-1972
Annual Meeting, 1973
Annual Meeting, 1973-1975
Annual Meeting, 1974
Annual Meeting, 1975
Annual Meeting, 1976 --Claremont
Annual Meeting, 1976
Annual Meeting, 1977 --Ithaca

Box 2
Annual Meeting Luncheon, 1974
Annual Meeting Luncheon, 1975
Annual Meeting Luncheon, 1975
Annual Meeting Practica, 1974-1975
Annual Meeting Search Committee Seminars, 1976-1977
Arlington Street Church 

Box 3
Bachelder, Horace
Baese, Walter
Ballou Channing
Beebe, Lawrence
Benson Committee --Communications
Benson Committee --Reports
Berry Street Lecture
Bicknell, Paul
Booth, John Nicholls
Boston UUMA Office
Boston UUMA Office, 1973-1974
Bridges, Gene
Brigham, John
Browder Letter --RE: Admission to Fellowship UUA
Browder, Thomas
Burciage vs. Karnan
Bylaws, 6/25/74
Bylaws, 6/24/75
Bylaws --Current

Box 4
Candidating Procedures
Carpenter --Capetown
Central Massachusetts
Central Midwest
Changes of Address
Christenson, Peter --L.A. 1st UU
Clinton --Red Hill, N.C.
Code of Professional Practices
Collegium (1-2)
Condolences, 1973-1975
Connecticut Valley

Box 5
Constitution and Bylaws
Constitution and Bylaws, 1961
Continuing Education
Continuing Education and Renewal
Contributory Pension Fund
Contributory Pension Plan --"Income for Life"
Convocation (1-2)
Convocation, 1969
Convocation, 1975 (1-2)

Box 6
Convocation, 1977
Correspondence, 1970-1975 (1-3)
Correspondence, 1973 (1-2)
Correspondence, 1974 (1-2)

Box 7
Correspondence, 1975
Correspondence, 1975-1977 (1-2)
Crawford, Curtis
Divorce Among Ministers
Dues Letters
"Elder Churchman", 1969-1976
Emerson --Ballou
Executive Committee --Arrangements Completed 
Executive Committee --Correspondence

Box 8
Executive Committee --Correspondence, 1968-March 1973
Executive Committee --Memos
Executive Committee --Paper April 1975
Executive Minutes --May 1973
Executive Minutes, 8/20-23/73
Executive Minutes, 11/5-8/73
Executive Minutes, 2/4-7/74
Executive Minutes, 5/6-9/74
Executive Minutes, 6/24/74
Executive Minutes, 9/23-26/74
Executive Minutes, 1/6-9/75
Executive Minutes, 4/2,5-8/75
Executive Minutes, 6/23/75
Executive Minutes, 6/24/75
Executive Minutes, 9/15-18/75
Executive Minutes, 1/5-8/76
Executive Minutes, 3/29-31/76
Executive Minutes, 6/21-22/76
Executive Minutes, 10/4-6/76
Executive Minutes, 2/22-24/77
Executive Minutes and Agenda, 9/13/77
Executive Minutes and Agenda, 10/17-18/77
Extension, Department of --Model Bylaws
Fay, L.
Fellowship --Accreditation
Fellowship --Committee (1-3)
Final Certificate Rules
Financial Auditors Reports
Financial Materials

Box 9
Financial Records, 1962-1976 --Boston
Florida Chapter
Funds --Bradley (King's Chapel)
Funds --Cruft Memorial
Funds --Hovey, Horacio Atwell
Funds --Lanning, Susie H. --Memorial Fund--UUWF
Funds --Lanning, Susie H. --Memorial Fund--Treasurer's Office
Funds --Miscellaneous
Funds --Special 1959 Memorial Scholarship Aid For Minister's
Good Offices, 1963-1971

Box 10
Good Offices, 1971-1977
Greater Washington Area
Grievance --Duus, Erling
Guidelines, 1970 (draft and final version)
Guidelines, 1975-1976
Guidelines --Letter to Ministerial Search Committee
Guidelines --Production
Henry, Helen
Hoaglund, Robert
Hoaglund, Robert --Grievance II

Box 11
Hobart, James (1-2)
How to Case a Church --Drafts and Correspondence
Income Tax
Insurance Committee (1-3)
Insurance Committee, 1961-1970

Box 12
Insurance Committee, 1971-1977
Insurance --Disability
Insurance Forms
Insurance --Malpractice
Insurance Subsidy (1-2)
Interim Ministries
Iroquois (St. Lawrence)

Box 13
Journal of the Liberal Ministry (1-3)
Kaufmann Resolution and McGinness Ad Hoc Committee
Lay Leadership (1-2)
Liberal Ministry of the Delaware Valley (L.M.D.V.)
Life Insurance --Presbyterian Minister's Fund
Living Tradition Service --Correspondence

Box 14
MacLean, Angus (1-2)
Mass Bay
Meetings --Information
Membership, 1978-1983

Box 15
Membership, 1985-1987
Membership --Correspondence
Membership --Correspondence, 1985-1986 (A-Q)

Box 16
Membership --Correspondence, 1985-1986 (R-Z)
Membership --Drop
Membership --Invitations to Join
Membership Lists of the UUA
Membership --New Full (1-3)
Membership --New Full, 1975-1977
New Students
New Students, 1975-1977

Box 17
Membership --Pending
Membership --Problems--Unfound
Membership --Request Form
Membership --Resigned
Membership --Statistics, Dues Payments etc.
MULTI People
Mentor Program
Metro New York
Migrant Ministry
Ministerial Aid Funds Policy
Ministerial Contracts
Ministerial Education Committee (Scovel)
Ministerial Settlement Seminary, Feb., 1977
Ministerial Sisterhood UU
Ministerial Welfare Committee
Ministerial Welfare Committee (Prep. for Meetings)
Ministerial Welfare, Financial Help to Ministers

Box 18
Ministers Handbook (1-2)
Ministers Handbook, 1st Mailing--6/18/74
Ministry, Department of --Barth
Ministry, Department of --Correspondence
Ministry, Department of --Publications
Miscellaneous Organizations
Mountain, Desert

Box 19
New Members, 1977-1978
New Ministers Seminar
Nominating Committee
Pacific Central (Bay Area)
Pacific Northwest
Pacific Southwest
Parke, David
Peara File

Box 20
Pension --New York State --Convention
Pension --Unitarian Universalist (1-2)
Pension --Correspondence
Pension Lists --Unitarian
Peter Papers
Peter Papers --Requests
Prairie Star
Professional Rights Funds

Box 21
Reinhardt, Charles(1)
Reinhardt, Charles(2)
Retired --Gold Card Contributions
Retired Ministers
Retired Ministers 1976-77
Retirements 1977-78
Rutledge, Frederick(1)
Rutledge, Frederick(2)
Rutledge, Frederick(3)
Rutledge, Frederick(4)

Box 22
Sawyer, Paul
Service Pension
Service Pension Info
Settlement Concerns
Society for Ministerial Relief(1)
Society for Ministerial Relief(2)

Box 23
Specialized Ministries
Starrking Response to MEC (min.Ed.Com)
Surety Bond
Survey on Retirement Inquiry
Tax Matters 1957-58
Theological Students
Treasurer --Dispursements
Treasurer --1969-April 1973
Treasurer --1973-75
Treasurer --1975-77
Treat, Paul III
Unitarian Service Pension Society

Box 24 
Universalist Ministers
Universalist Pensions
UUA and Grievance Procedures (Nachanan Comm)
UUA Reorganization --Oct. 1975
UUMA Newsletter --1955-67
UUMA Newsletter --1968-73
UUMA Newsletter --1973-75
UUMA Newsletter --1975-77
UUMA Publications --misc.

Box 25
Vacations, Sabbaticals, Professional Fees
Veatch Proposal
Veatch Proposal Responses
Waiver Letters A-L --1977-78
Waiver Letters M-Z --1977-78
Walker, Brooks
Wedding Manual
Worship Project