bMS 1281

Unitarian Universalist Association, Student Religious Liberals Records, 1956-1976

Summary Information:

Call Number: bMS 1281
Title:  Unitarian Universalist Association, Student Religious Liberals Records, 1956-1976
Repository: Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School,
45 Francis Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138-1911
Quantity: 43 boxes (15.05 linear feet)

Administrative Information:

Preferred Citation:  Unitarian Universalist Association, Student Religious Liberals Records, 1956-1976, bMS 1281, Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School.
Access: There are no restrictions on access to this collection.

Container List:

Box 1
Academic Freedom (SUNY/Buffalo)
Addresses --International Contacts
          Constitution/by-laws/Character etc.
          Mailing Lists
          Miscellaneous Correspondence/Reports (1-2)
Affiliate Groups --Survey Sheets, 1964-1965
Affiliate Groups --1964-1966
Affiliations (1-2)
Alabama, Choctaw County
Alabama, University of (Mobile/Tuscaloosa)
American Humanist Association
American Unitarian Association (AUA) --General Information
American University
Americans for Democratic Action
Americans for Reappraisal of Far Eastern Policy
Annual Meeting
Annual Meeting Minutes

Box 2
Arizona State College
Arizona State University
Arizona, University of 
Associated Colleges
Audit --1972-1972
Bever, Rod
Billings Fund
          Alabama, University of, 1960-1962
          Antioch College, 1960-1961
          Boston, 1960-1961 
          California, 1960-1961
          Chattanooga, University of, 1960-1961
          Chicago, University of 1960-1961
          Chico State/Nevada, University of 1960-1961
          Denver, 1961-1962
          Drake University, 1960-1961
          Expenses, 1961-1962
          Florida, 1961-1962
          Forms/ Form LettersGeneral, 1961-1962 Grinnell College, 1961-1961
          Harvard University/ Wellesley College, 1961-1962
          Illinois Normal (Bloomington), 1961-1962 (Margaret Mead)
          Illinois, University of, 1961-1963
          Inquiries/ Responses
          Grinnell College, 1960-1961
          Iowa, State University of, 1960-1961

Box 3
Billings Fund (continued)
          Iowa, State University of, 1961-1962
          Maine, 1962-1963
          Miami, University of, 1961-1962
          Minnesota, University of, 1961-1963
          New Mexico State, 1960-1961
          New Mexico State University, 1961-1962
          Northwest Coast, 1962-1963
          Ohio State, 1960-1961
          Ohio State, 1961-1962
          Princeton University, 1960-1961
          Reed College, 1960-1961
          Southern Illinois University, 1960-1961
          Summary of Use
          Western Ontario, University of, 1960-1962
          Wisconsin, University of 1960-1961
Billings Lecture
          Adams, John Luther
          Adams, John Luther, 1963-1964
          Allocation Requests

Box 4

Billings Lecture (continued)
          Amstutz, Jakob
          Arisian, Khoren
          Book Lists
          Bradley, Dr. Preston 1963-1964
          Cassara, Beverly
          Chisolm, Brock 1963-1964
          Denied Requests
          Endowment Terms
Ethical Issue Series, 1963-1964
          Finances, 1963-1964
          Frankl, Viktor, 1963-1964
          General Correspondence
          Gold, William, 1963-1964
          Goodman, Paul, 1964-1965
          Greenway, John
          Hall, Gordon, 1963-1964
          Harrington, Donald
          Hawaii, 1963-1964

Box 5
Billings Lecture (continued)
          Haywood, Jack
          Howlett, Duncan
          "How to..." Series
          Iowa, State University of 
          Jack, Homer
          Kaufman, Dr. Walter
          Kirkerdall, Lester A.
          Klieber, Dr. Max
          Lamont, Corliss
          Lincoln, Russell
          MacEachern, Sandy
          McGinty, Lawrence
          Mendelssohn, Jack (Itinerary)
          Muller, Herbert
          Murray, Rev. Irving
          Past Correspondence (1-2)
          Patton, Kenneth
          Patton, Rev. Kenneth 1963-1964
          Pickett, Eugene
          Plans, 1963-1964
          Possible Lectures

Box 6
Billings Lecture (continued)
          Putnam, Peter
          Ross, Floyd
          Rules Governing
          Shapley, Harlow
          Shapley, Harlow, 1963-1964
          Smith, Hazel Smith, Dr. Houston, 1963-1964
          Southwest District, 1963-1964
          Staff Memo
          Summary of Use
          Sutherland, Malcolm
          Thurman, Howard
          Wienman, Henry N. (1-2)
Black Affairs Caucus
Black Caucus 
Bridgeman College Conference
Bridgeman Project
British Columbia, University of
Brosi, George
Brown, Otis Jr.

Box 7

Budget, 1970-1971 (FY)
Cain, Thomas
          Institute of Technology
          Los Angeles, First Church 
          Los Angeles, First Unitarian Church
          University of (Berkeley)
          University of (Davis)
          University of (Los Angeles)
          University of (Riverside)
          University of (Santa Barbara)
Cameron, Austin
Campus Ministry
CAP Mail
Capron, Alex
Chakravarty, Amiya
Channing Murray
          Central Conference
          Central West Coast, 1960-1961
          Central West College
          Church of the Larger Fellowship

Box 8
Channing Murray (continued)
          Contacts (1-2)
          East, Midwest, 1960-1961
          Group Programs
          Group Reports
          Historical Information
          Mailing, 1956-1957
          Mid-Atlantic, 1960-1961
          New England, 1960-1961

Box 9
Channing Murray (continued)
          New England Committee-Minutes and Records
          New England Conference --Publicity
          North Atlantic, 1960-1961
          North Atlantic Conference
          Northeast Conference
          Northern West Coast, 1960-1961
          South Atlantic
          South Atlantic, 1960-1961
          Southern West Coast
          Southern West Coast, 1960-1961
          Southwest, 1960-1961
          West, Mid-west
          West, Mid-west, 1960-1961
Channing Murray Committee
Channing Murray Committee, 1957

Box 10 
Channing Murray Committee, 1959-1960
Channing Murray Committee, 1960-1961
Channing Murray Foundation --History
Channing Murray Newsletter
Channing Murray Newsletter, 1960-1961
Channing Murray Requests
Channing Murray --Special Projects
Chicago Area --Meetings
Chico State College
Church and State
Church Related Position Papers
Civil Rights (1-2)
Civil Rights --Buford Pussey Interviews
Civil Rights Volunteers, 1965
Civil Rights Workers --Reavis, Dick
Clemson College
Clergy and Laity Concerned
CLF --Quest
Colgate University
College Age Program

Box 11
College Centers
          Cassara, Dr. Ernest (1-3)

Box 12
College Centers (continued)
          General History
          Grinnell Conference
College Centers Committee (1-2)
          College Centers Director
          Correspondence and Reports, 1964-1965 
          Job Description
          Suggested Nominees

Box 13
College Centers Committee (continued)
          Credit Courses
          Joint Publications Committee
          Minnesota --Annual Report, 1963-64
          Minutes --1967
College Information Guide --College Groups
College Conference
          Channing, Murray --Plebescite Ballot
          Correspondence --Johnson, Dave
          Correspondence --Lake Forest College--Turner, Eric
          Correspondence --Speakers
          General Correspondence
          Lake Forrest Conference
          Mailing List
          Steering Committee
          Travel Grant
Colorado, School of Mines
Colorado State University
Colorado, University of Bolder 
Colorado, Womens College
Columbia University

Box 14
Committee for Non-Violent Action
Connecticut, Hartford
Connecticut Valley, 1966-1967
Conscientious Objection
Conscientious Objection --Ohio State
Conscientious Objection --Pamphlets/Mailing
Continental Concerns Committee
Continental Conference
          1974 Mailing List

Box 15
Cornell University (1-2)
Correspondence, 1965-1967
Correspondence, 3/20/67-8/21/67
Correspondence, 9/1/67-9/28/67
Correspondence, 1/1/67-9/31/69

Box 16
Correspondence --General (1-2)
Cortes, Ernest Jr.
Council of Liberal Churches
Council of Southern Mountains, etc. 
Council on Student Travel 
Creative Efforts
Dawson, Tom
Delaware, University of
Democratic Government
Denver, University of
Desegregation --Tallahassee, University of 
"The Draft and Liberal Religion"
Drake University
DuBois Clubs --Katzenbach
Eastern Mid-West College Conference
Elmore, Tom
Emory University

Box 17
Equal Opportunity
          Canadian Scholarships
          European Transportation (European Tutorial-Friedman)
          Finances, 1961-1965
          Inquiries, 1963-1966
          Itinerary, 1965
          Memo #, 1966
          Promotion, 1963-1964

Box 18
EST (continued)
          Promotion, 1965
          UUWF Promotion
European Newsletters, 1966
Executive Board
Fall Field Trips
Feeber, Mike --Correspondence
Field Representatives --Correspondence
Field Representatives --Packets
          Auditor's Reports, 1964
          Bank Accounts
          Endowment Funds
          General, 1971-1972
          Ledger, 1969-70
          Membership Figures
          Regional Grant
          Treasury Books
          Treasurer's Report
Florida State University

Box 19 
Florida, University of
Foreign Issues
Frederick Eliot Essay contest, 1962
Free Speech Old Dominion
Fresno State College
Funding Sources
Garrett, Lorie Ann
General Assembly, 1968-1970
General Assembly, 1972-1973
General Assembly, 1973 Toronto
General Assembly, 1973-1974
Time and Place, Committee On
Georgetown University
George Washington University
Georgia Tech
German Liberal Religion
Ghana Society of Religious Liberals
Grinnell College
Hampton Institute
Harvard University
Haverford College
Hollins College
Hopkins, Ray
Houston, University of
Howard University
Human Community

Box 20
International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF)
          1964 --Conference
          1964 --Trip
          Executive Committee Reports
Idaho, University of
Illinois, University of
Indiana, University of --Bloomington
Inquiries, 1965-1966
Insurance, 1962-1963
Insurance, 1963-1967
Insurance, 1971-1972
Insurance, 1975-1976
Integrated Ministry, Committee on
Interdenominational Radical Caucus
International Caucus Committee
International Concerns Committee
International Concerns Committee --Extension 

Box 21
International Concerns Committee
          Survey, 1962-1963
International Education Institute 
"International Living"
International Student Conference"
Investments, 1970
Investments/Black Affairs Council
Investments --Holler, Robert
"Invest Your Summer"
Iowa, University of --Iowa City
International Religious Fellowship (IRF)
          "All About IRF"
          American Committee, 1962-1963 (1-2)
          Business Meeting Minuets, 1962
          Conference, 1963-1964
          Conference, 1964

Box 22
International Religious Fellowship (continued)
          Conference, 1967
          Conference Report, 1966
          Conference Study Guides
          Correspondence, 1962-1964
          East/West Contacts
          European Study Trip Minutes, 1962-1963
          European Trip Promotional Materials
          "Foreward Together"
          International Contacts
          Liberal Religious Youth
          Minutes/ Documents
          Orientation, 1962
          Students Religious Liberals Reports
          Slides --Script

Box 23
International Religious Fellowship (continued)
          SRL --Continental Conferences, 1972
          USA --Agenda
IRS Tax Exemption Application
Johns Hopkins University
Joints Publications Committee --LRY/CCC
Kansas, University of
Kent State University
Kibbee, Margaret
Lake Forrest College
Leadership Conference --8/26-28/1965
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
Leadership Seminar
League History
Lehman, Peter, 1968
Letters, 1967-1968
Lewis, Linda Anne
"Liberal's Challenge"
"Liberal's Challenge" --Correspondence

Box 24 
"Liberal Context" (1-3)
"Liberal Context" --Circulation
"Liberal Context" --Editor
"Liberal Context" --Evaluation Forms, 1961-1962
"Liberal Context" --Evaluation Tabulations
"Liberal Context" --Futures
"Liberal Context" --Mailing Lists
"Liberal Context" --Negro Colleges
"Liberal Context" --Student Editors
Liberal Religious Students --Steering Committee
Liberal Religious Students --Steering Committee, 11/19/67 --Packets 1-3

Box 25
Liberal Religious Students --Steering Committee --Packets 4-6
Liberal Religious Youth 
Liberal Religious Youth, 1962-1963
Liberal Religious Youth, 1969-1970
Liberal Religious Youth, 1973-1974
Liberal Religious Youth --Budgets --Pre-1963
Liberal Religious Youth --Council --Mid-winter, 1959
Liberal Religious Youth --Executive Committee, 1960
Liberal Religious Youth --Executive Committee Minutes, 4/61
Liberal Religious Youth --Publications (1-2)

Box 26
Liberal Religious Youth --"Sit-in Project"
Liberal Religious Youth --Student Religious Youth -- Liaison, 1967
Liberal Religious Youth --Student Religious Youth -- Mailing List, 1961-1968
Liberal Religious Youth --Study Tour --"Introduction to Western Civilization"
Liberal Religious Youth --Study Tour --"Introduction to Western Civilization" --Summer, 1960
Liberal Religious Youth --Study Tour --"Introduction to Western Civilization" --Winter, 1960
Lisle Fellowship
Long Beach City College
Los Angeles State College
Louisville, University of
Loyalty Oaths --Harvard University Case
MacKinlay, Mike
Mailing, 1961-1963

Box 27 
Mailings, 1964
Mailings, Miscellaneous

Box 28
Mailing List
Mary Washington College
Maryland, University of 
Mason, Larry
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMassachusetts, University of
MAST, 1964
Masten, Ric
Masten, Ric --General
Meeting Materials, May, 1961
Meeting Records, 1962-1966
Membership Chairman
Membership Chairman, 1966 Correspondence (Becker, Randolph)

Box 29 
Membership Chairman --General
Membership Questionnaire, 1962-1964
Membership Secretary, 1964-1965
Membership Talley, 1963-1964
Myers, Frank
Miami, University of (1-2)
Michigan, University of 
Mid-west Unitarian Assembly
Miller, Orloff 
          Correspondence, 1959-1960
          Reports, 1959-1960 
Millsaps College
Minnesota, University of Minneapolis

Box 30
Mississippi, University of
Mitchell, Austin
Mitchell, Dean
Morris Harvey College
NAST, 1964
National Student Association
National Workshop on Overseas Programs for Students
"Native People"
New College --Sarasota Florida
New England Agriculture Value, Structures and New Directories
New Hampshire, University of
New Mexico, State University of 
New Mexico, University of
New York University
Nicholas, Bud
Niemann, Doyle
Noggle, Jean
North American Study Trip, 1967
North Carolina State
North Dakota, University of
Northern Student Movement (NSM)
Northwestern University 

Box 31
Norton, Lewis
Ohio --Meadville
Ohio State University
Oklahoma, University of
Oregon State University
Oregon, University of
Overseas Interfaith Relations --UUA
Pacific Central --Salt Lake City
Pacific, College of the 
Pacific Northwest, 1966-1967
Pacific Southwest, 1966-1967
Palestinians in New England, The Committee of
Pennsylvania --Chester
Pennsylvania --Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania, State University
Pennsylvania, University of 
Phipps, James Earl
Pingel, Gale --Letter to Protest to G.A.
Porcell, John 
Portland State College
Prairie Star 
Priestly, Joseph, 1966-1967
Princeton University
Princeton University Conference Tours
Prison Reform
Probst, Banz
Publications: "The Clearinghouse"
Publications Committee

Box 31
Publicity (1-3)
Purdue University
Queens College (New York)
Queens College (North Carolina)
Rainey, Robert
Reavis, Dick
Redlands, University of 
Regional Conference (1-2)
Regional Directories (General)
Regional Directories --Maps
Resource Items --Outside Groups
Resource Materials --UUA Groups
Responsible Involvement

Box 32
Rice University
Richmond (VA) Professional Institute
Right of Privacy
Rockefeller, Peggy
Rocky Mountain

Box 33
Rollins College
Rowe Camp
Ruhloff, Robert
Russian and Eastern European Study Trip (REST), 1966-1967
Russian and Eastern European Study Trip (SFEST) --
Mailings, 1965
Russian Study Trip (RUST), 1965
Sacramento State College
Saint Lawrence College
Saint Lawrence District, 1966-1967
Saint Lawrence University
Saint Olaf College
San Diego State Junior College
San Fernando Valley State
San Francisco State College
San Jose State College
Sanstad, Gordon Jr.
Schade, Ted
Schneider, GordonSchweitzer College 
Hellmuth Memorial
Library Book Project
Summer, 1965
Search for Goals
Selection Service and the Draft
Shelburne, Roberts
Shinn, Roger
Short, Donna
Singleton, Anne
Sixty-Two Group

Box 34
Social Concerns Committee, 1966-1967
Social Concerns Committee --General 
Social Concerns Committee --"Herbiphile", 1965-1966
Social Concerns Committee --Minutes
South Carolina, University of 
Southern California, University of
Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) --Scope
"The Southern Courier"
Southern Methodist University
Southern Mississippi University
Southern New England Unitarian Council
South Florida University 
Southwestern, 1966-1967

Box 35
Soviet Far Eastern Study Trip (SFEST)
Student Interns in Civil Rights --Proposal
Student Interns in Civil Rights --"Statement of Responsibility"
Student Religious Liberals --"Career Seminar" --UU Ministry
Student Religious Liberals --Promotions
Student Religious Liberals --Survey Sheets, 1966-1967 (1-4)
Student Religious Liberals --Board of DirectorsStudent Religious Liberals --Board of Directors -- Chairman's Correspondence, 1965-1966
Student Religious Liberals --Board of Directors -- Correspondence, 1964-1965

Box 36
Student Religious Liberals --Board of Directors -- Correspondence, 1965-1966
Student Religious Liberals --Board of Directors -- General
Student Religious Liberals --Board of Directors -- General Correspondence
Student Religious Liberals --Board of Directors -- General Mailings
Student Religious Liberals --Board of Directors -- Meeting Minutes, 9/61-8/63
Student Religious Liberals --Board of Directors -- Meeting Minutes, 3/64-8/67

Box 37
Student Religious Liberals --Board of Directors -- Meeting Minutes, 8/67-1/71
Student Religious Liberals --Board of Directors --Memos
Student Religious Liberals --Board of Directors -- Minutes and Reports, 1970-1971
Student Religious Liberals --Board of Directors -- Orientation
Student Religious Liberals --Board of Directors -- Reports
Student Religious Liberals --Board of Directors -- Reports/Correspondence
Student Religious Liberals --Board of Directors -- Reports and Papers
Student Religious Liberals --Conference, 1962
Student Religious Liberals --Constitution, 1970
Student Religious Liberals --Faculty Award
Student Religious Liberals --Field Representative-- Correspondence
Student Religious Liberals --Group Affiliates, 1965- 1967
Student Religious Liberals --IRF Conference, 1967
Student Religious Liberals --IRF Continental Conference, 1972
Student Religious Liberals --Stanford University
Student Religious Liberals --Star College Conference
Student Religious Liberals --Student Christian Movement of Canada
Student Religious Liberals --Student Groups
Student Religious Liberals --Student Interns in Civil Rights (SICR)
Student Religious Liberals --Student Peace Union (1)

Box 38
Student Religious Liberals --Student Peace Union (2)
Students and the Ministry
Study Trips-Competitions
Summer Conference, 1965 --Mailings
Summer Service
Summer Study Programs
Sweigart, Greg
Syracuse University
Tampa, University of
Tanner, Nina (Study Trips)
"Tentative Proposal" --Reaching Isolated Students
Texas Southern University 
Texas Technological College
Texas Western College
Theological Schools
Theology and Ministry
Thomas Jefferson Districts
Toronto, University of 
Tougaloo College
Transylvania Study Trip
Travel, 1965
Travel Agencies, European
Trips (including EST)
Tufts University
Tufts University --Crane Theological School
Tulane University
Union College (Schenectedy, NY)
Unistar Conference, 1964

Box 39
UUA --Adult Programs, Dept. of
UUA --Adult Programs and Information, Dept. of --Annual Report, 1964-1965
UUA --Affiliates --Laymen's League
UUA --Affiliates --LREDA
UUA --Affiliates --Service Committee, 1961-1962
UUA --Aging, Committee --"Aging and Awareness"
UUA --Annual Fund
UUA --Arlington Street Church Forum
UUA --Beacon Press (1-3)
UUA --Board of Trustees
UUA --Board of Trustees, 1974
UUA --Board of Trustees, Agenda, 1975
UUA --Board of Trustees --Education Advisory Committee, 1969
UUA --Board of Trustees --Minutes (1-2)

Box 40
UUA --Board of Trustees/SRL, 1969
UUA --Board of Trustees/SRL, 1972-1973
UUA --CLF (1-2)
UUA --Commission on Religion and Race
UUA --Consolidation
UUA --Constitution and Bylaws
UUA --Darling, Ed
UUA --Development and Fund Raising
UUA --Directory
UUA --Education, Department of
UUA --Extension, Department of
UUA --Fellowship for Social Justice
UUA --Fellowships (1-2)
UUA --"Free Church in a Changing World"
UUA --Freedom Fund
UUA --General Assembly, 1962 (1-2)
UUA --General Assembly, 1963-1964
UUA --General Assembly, 1964
UUA --General Assembly, 1965
UUA --General Assembly, 1968
UUA --General Assembly, 1975
UUA --General Assembly, 1976 (Jaki Gemme's Packet)

Box 41
UUA --Greeley, Dr. Dana
UUA --Hohler, Robert
UUA --Loans
UUA --McGinness, Mason
UUA --Ministers Association Newsletter
UUA --Ministry, Department of (1-2)
UUA --Overseas and Interfaith Relations
UUA --Packet
UUA --Personnel, 1960's
UUA --Publications, Department of
UUA --Register, Leader (1-2)
UUA --Related Trips, 1966
UUA --Relations, 1971-1973
UUA --Relations, 1973-1974
UUA --Religious Education Publication
UUA --Service Committee (1-2)
UUA --Social Responsibility, Department of
UUA --Staff Biographies
UUA --Staff Newsletters
UUA --Treasurer
UUA --Treasurer's Report
UUA --UN Seminar, 1962
UUA --UU-UN Office
UUA --UU-UN--Office, 1964
UUA --UUWF (and Alliance)
UUA --Vogel, Paul
UUA --World Church, Dept. of
UUA --World Responsibility, Committee on
UU Colleges
UU World Service

Box 42
United Farm Workers Organizing Committee
United States National Students Association
United States Youth Council
Universalist Church of America
Universalist Church of America --Board of Directors
Universalist Development Program
Universalist Service Committee
University Christian Movement
University Freedom Movement
University Student Sunday
Van Horne, Wendy
Viet Nam
Viet Nam Protest
Virginia, University of
Vital Statistics, 1965
Washington Conference
Washington Post (Capron, Alex)

Box 43
Washington, University of
Wayne State University
Wayside Pulpit
Wellesley College
Western Ontario, University of 
West Virginia State College
White, John
Wichita, University of
Wiemhoff, Henry
Wilferd, Jackie
William and Mary, College of
Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Wisconsin, University of (Madison)
Wood, Greg
Work Camps
World Assembly of Youth
World Federation of Democratic Youth
World Marxist Review
World Youth Festivals
Worship Material
Wyoming, University of
Yale University
Young Democratic Clubs of America
Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)
Young People's Socialist League
Youth Adult Committee
Youth Organization, Committee of