bMS 11006

American Unitarian Association. President, Records and correspondence, 1909-1959

Summary Information:

Call Number: bMS 11006
Title:  American Unitarian Association, President, Records and correspondence, 1909-1959
Repository: Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School,
45 Francis Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138-1911
Quantity: 40 boxes (14.00 linear feet)

Administrative Information:

Hollis number: AXH8385
Preferred Citation: American Unitarian Association, President, Records and correspondence, 1909-1959, bMS 11006, Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School.
Access: There are no restrictions on access to this collection. 

Note: There is additional material about AUA annual meetings in bMS 409 and bMS 461.

Container List:

Box 1
Administration --Agenda, Minutes, Reports, Notes, 1936- 1937/October 1936
Administration --Correspondence, General, 1935-1936
Administration --Regional Work, 1937
Administration --Studies: Churches
Administration --Studies: General, 1935-1936
Administration --Studies: General --Working Copies, 1935- 1936
Administration --Undated
Affiliated Organizations
Agenda and Suggestions for Agenda
Alliance-By Laws 
American Unitarian Association
American Unitarian Association --Budget
Anniversary --125th
Anniversary Week --May Meetings, May 20, 1954 through May 25, 1954
Anniversary Week --Programs
Anniversary Week --Sermons

Box 2
Annual Meetings --Ballots
Annual Meetings --Voting
Annual Meetings, 1942 --Agenda Resolutions
Annual Meetings --May 25, 1945
Annual Meetings --May 23, 1946
Annual Meetings, 1948
Annual Meetings, 1948 --Programs, Resolutions, Publicity, Agenda and Tickets
Annual Meetings, 1949 --Programs, Resolutions, Publicity, Agenda and Tickets
Annual Meetings, 1950 --Programs, Agendas--Resolutions 
Annual Meetings, 1951 --Resolutions
Annual Meetings, May 27, 1952 --Anniversary Week, May 22- 27, 1952
Annual Meetings, May 21-26-1953

Box 3
Annual Meetings, May 22, 1956 --Agenda, Resolutions, for Discussions
Appeals --Annual, 1930
Appeals --Annual, 1935
Appeals --Annual Contributions, 1936 (1-2)
Appeals --Annual, 1937
Appeals --Annual--1938
Appeals --Annual, 1939-1941
Appeals --Annual and United, 1942-1945
Appeals --Annual Contributions

Box 4
Appeals --General
Appeals --General Booklets

Box 5 
Appeals --Unitarian Campaign
Appeals --Appeal United Unitarian
Art Religions --See Also: Religious Arts Guild Award Dinner --Dr. Samuel A. Eliot, 1950
Ballots, Programs and Tickets, 1945
Biennial Conference, Oct. 1945
Biennial Conference --Discussion Program, 1957
Biennial Conference --General
Biennial Conference --Mailings
Biennial Conference --Miscellaneous
Bisbee, Frederick, 1909 and 1923
Board of Directors --1949-1950
Books --Think on These Things
Budget --Regional Area Budget
Budget, 1935-1937

Box 6
Budget, 1937-1943 and 1948-1949
Building --Loans
Building --Maintenance
Building --Maintenance --Catering Services
Building --Maintenance --Chapel Services
Building --Maintenance --Elevators
Building --Maintenance --General
Building --Maintenance --Heating
Building --Maintenance --Janitor and Cleaning
Building --Maintenance --Office Files
Building --Maintenance --Office Files --Index

Box 7
Building --Maintenance --Office, Machines
Building --Maintenance --Office, Notices
Building --Maintenance --Portraits--Van Der Kemp
Building --Maintenance --Schedules, General
Building --Maintenance --Schedules, Weekly
Business --Original Resolutions --International, 1943
Business --Pink Ham Res.
By-laws --Association 1-2
By-laws --Pension Society
Christian Register I

Box 8
Christian Register II
Commemorations --The Living Tradition of the Unitarian Ministry
Commission --Appraisal
Committee -- Administration --Agenda Minutes, Reports, Votes, 1935-1936/May 1936
Committee --Administration --Agenda Minutes, Reports, Votes, 1935-1936/December 1936
Committee --Administration --Agenda Minutes, Reports, Votes, 1936-1937/May 1937
Committee --Administration --Correspondence --Duncan, Robert F. --1936-1937
Committee --Administration --Correspondence, 1936-1937
Committee --Administration --General Appointments --Memos --General

Box 9
Committee --Administration --Studies --Beacon Press
Committee --Administration --Studies --By-Laws
Committee --Administration --Studies --Financial Policy
Committee --Administration --Studies --General, 1936-1937
Committee --Administration --Studies --Pensions --AUA Retirement Plan
Committee --Administration --Studies --Salaries -- Officials
Committee --Administration --Studies --Social Relations Department
Committee --Biennial --Joint UCA and AUA Program -- Syracuse
Committee --Board, Committee --Organization
Committee --Business
Committee --Business, 1945

Box 10
Committee --Business and Program --Letters of Thanks, 1943
Committee --Business, Resolutions concerning world peace, and other policies, c. 1943
Committee Members, 1937-1944
Committee --Choice (1-2), nominations for director, 1956
Committee --Duncan, Robert F., 1935-1936
Committee --Executive, July 1,1936-Dec. 30, 1936
Committee --Executive, Jan.3 - June 19, 1936
Committee --Executive, July 12 - Dec. 28, 1935
Committee --Executive, June 1935
Committee -Executive, Jan. 7, 1937 - June 10, 1937

Box 11
Committee --Executive, December 1937
Committee --Executive, 1938
Committee --Executive, 1939
Committee --General
Committee --Joint Advisory
Committee --Joint Youth Activities
Committee --Mr. Luther
Committee --Ministerial Aid
Committee --Original Business Resolutions, 1943
Committee --Planing and Review
Committee --Program --Anniversary Week Printing
Committee --Program --Workshop Sessions
Committee --Program --1935
Committee --Program --1943

Box 12
Committees --Promotions and Publications
Committee to the Study of the Whole Matter of Resolutions --Correspondence
Committee to the Study of the Whole Matter of Resolutions --Reports
Committees --United Appeal --Steering
Conference --Biennial
Conference --Biennial, 1957
Conference --Biennial, 1959 --Printing For
Conference --General --Discussion Round Table, 1935 (1-2)
Conference --General --Foote, Henry Wilder
Conference --General, 1925
Conference --General, 1929

Box 13
Conference --General, 1931
Conference --General, 1931 --Reports and Resolutions
Conference --General, 1935 (1-3)
Conference --General, 1935 --Discussion Round Table -- General Syllabus
Conference --General, 1935 --Expenses
Conference --General, 1935 --Hotel Accommodations
Conference --General, 1935 --Publicity
Conference --General, 1937
Conference --General, 1937 --Expenses
Conference --General, 1937 --Hotel Accommodations

Box 14
Conference --General, 1937 --Programs
Conference --General, 1937 Publicity
Conference --General, 1939 Business Committee
Conference --General, Mission, Preaching 1939
Conference --General, Publicity 1939
Conference --General, 1939 Religion, labor, Industrial Seminar
Conference --General, 1947 (Washington) Commission on World Order
Conference --General, 1947 (Washington) General Material

Box 15
Conference --General, 1949 (Portland) --General Material
Conference --General, 1951 (Montreal) Personnel
Conference --General, 1951 (Montreal) Reports
Conference --General, 1959
Conference --Metropolitan, 1939
Conscientious Objectors --National Service Board for Religious Objectors --Minutes and Bulletins

Box 16
Conscientious Objectors, 1940
Conscientious Objectors --General, 1942
Contributory Reports
Correspondence Miscellaneous, 1937 --A
Correspondence Miscellaneous, 1937 --M
Correspondence Miscellaneous, 1938 --A

Box 17
Correspondence--Miscellaneous, 1938 --M
Council Denominational Planning
Council of Liberal Churches
Delegates Packet, Syracuse --1959
Denominational Letters
Departments --Education
Departments --Extension, Church and Maintenance, 1937 -- Agenda, Minutes, Reports, Votes
Departments --General
Departments --Ministry

Box 18
Department --Ministry --Agenda, Minutes, Reports, Votes, 1937
Department --Ministry --Agenda, Minutes, Reports, Votes, April 30, 1938
Department --Ministry --Agenda, Minutes, Reports, Votes, April 1941
Department --Ministry --General, 1943
Department --Units, Ext. and Ch. Maint. --Agenda, Minutes, Reports, Votes
Department --Meetings --Discussions, 1935
Department --Meetings --General, September 1935
Department --Meetings --General --Senextet Pines, Oct. 1935

Box 19
Directors' Meetings --General, December 1935
Directors' Meetings --General --Discussions, 1936
Directors' Meetings --General, April 1936
Directors' Meetings --General, June 1936 (April, See Transfer File)
Directors' Meetings --General, December 1936
Directors' Meetings --General, June 1937 (1936 See Transfer File)
Directors' Meetings --General, December 1937

Box 20
Directors' Meetings --General, June 1938
Division of Promotion and Publication --Advisory Council and Committee Members
Division of Promotion and Publication --Advisory Council and Division of Promotion and Publication --Christian Register Business Committee
Division of Promotion and Publication --Executive Committee --Minutes --1942-1943
Division of Publications --Unitarian Advance --Mr. Arnold
Eliot, Samuel A. --Fund, 1951
Expense Account Statements --Smith (1-2)

Box 21
Fletcher, D. Howard
Free Church Fellowship
International Association, 1932-1933
International Association, September 1933 (1-2)
International Association for the Promotion of Liberal Christianity and Religious Freedom 
International Association for the Promotion of Liberal Christianity and Religious Freedom --Congress, 1930

Box 22
Joint Assembly --Syracuse N.Y. --Reports from the Joint Merger Commission
Joint Program Speakers
K --Miscellaneous
Lathrop, Sidney P.
Lauriat, Nathaniel
Laurinburg Normal and Industrial Institute
Letter to Commission Members
Lewis Ford
Liberal Religious Youth --Budget
Liberal Religious Youth --By-Laws
Lightbrown, Frank
L --Miscellaneous
Lofton, John
Luce Press Clipping Bureau
Lupton, Dr. Dilworth
"Madison Plan" 
Maintenance --Portraits and Busts
Mason McGinness
Massachusetts Council of Churches
Mattingly, Dr. Caroline

Box 23
May Meetings 1943
Mayflower Project
McColloch, Miss Lois
Meadville, Pennsylvania, 1932
Meadville Theological School, 1935 --General
Meetings--Annual, 1935 --Delegates
Meetings--Annual, 1936 --Round Table Discussions
Meetings--Annual, 1937 --Committee, Program
Meetings--Annual, 1937 --Publicity
Meetings--Annual, 1938 --Publicity
Meetings--Annual, 1939 --Annual

Box 24
Meetings --Annual --Anniversary Week, 1954
Meetings --Annual --General, 1926-1928
Meetings --Annual --General, 1929 (1-2)
Meetings --Annual --General, April 1930

Box 25
Meeting --Annual --General, June 1930
Meeting --Annual, April 1931
Meeting --Annual, August 1931
Meeting --Annual, April 1932
Meeting --Annual, July 1932
Meeting --Annual --General, April 1933
Meeting --Annual --General, June 1933

Box 26
Meeting --Annual --General, March 1934
Meeting --Annual --General, June 1934
Meeting --Annual --General, 1935-1936
Meeting --Annual --General, 1938-1939

Box 27
Meeting --Annual --General, May 1947
Meeting --Annual --General, May 1947 --Resolution Material
Meeting --Annual --General, May 1948 --"Case Histories in Social Action" Panel Discussion by UFSJ and Department of Adult Education, May 1948 (1-2)
Meeting --Annual --General, May 1948 --Resolution Materials
Meeting --Annual --General, May 1950-1951
Meetings --Annual --Publicity, 1939
Membership --Associate
Membership --Life
Memorial Buck, Florence
Memorial Trade College --Monroe, N.C. 
Mendleson, Jack

Box 28
Miscellaneous --M (1-2)
Miscellaneous, 1939 --A (1-2)
Miscellaneous, 1939 --M

Box 29
Miscellaneous, 1940 --A
Miscellaneous, 1940 --M (1-2)
Miscellaneous, 1941
Miscellaneous, 1941 --A
Miscellaneous, 1942 --A
Miscellaneous, 1942 --M
Miscellaneous, 1943 --M
Missions --General
Mohler, Prof. Mark

Box 30
Mount Vernon, N.Y., 1929
Mount Vernon, N.Y., 1938
Mublbauer, Dr. M.W.F.
New Minister's Seminar
Northern NE Region --Regional By-Laws
Notes on Meeting
Officers of the A.U.A.
Pension Committee --Report of October 10, 1933
Pensions, 1942; 1947
Pensions --Annuity Fund
Pensions --Audit
Pensions --Church Pensions Conference (1-2) 
Pensions --Contributory

Box 31
Pensions --Contributory Announcements --Questions and Answers
Pensions --Form Letter, December 31, 1937
Pensions --General (1-4)
Pensions --General, 1937 (1-2)
Pensions --General, 1939 (1)

Box 32
Pensions --General, 1939 (2)
Pensions --Reports/Pamphlets
Pensions --Reports of the Pension Commission
Pensions --Service Pensions --Quarterly Lists

Box 33
Political Conservatives
Regional By-Laws Pacific Coast Unitarian Council
Regional Southern Unitarian Council
Report of the Denominational Integration Committee
Report to the Minister's From Treasurer's Office
Reports --Annual
Reports --Annual Departmental
Resolutions (1-3)
Resolution Files

Box 34
Resolutions --General, 1930
Resolutions --General, 1933
Resolutions --General, 1935
Resolutions --General,1937
Resolutions --Peace and War
Resolutions, 1938-1939
Salaries --Officials See Also Committee on Administrative Studies
Schools --Colored --Bethune Cookman College

Box 35
Schools --Colored --Calhoun
Schools --Colored --Fargo Agricultural
Schools --Colored --General
Schools --Colored --General Pamphlets
Schools --Colored --Hampton Institute
Schools --Colored --Hungerford

Box 36
Schools --Colored --McDaniel Institute
Schools --Colored --Palmer Memorial Institute
Schools --Colored --Penn Normal and Industrial
Schools --Colored --Piney Woods
Schools --Colored --Snow Hill Normal and Industrial Institute, Inc.
Schools --Colored --Sparta Agricultural and Industrial Institute
Schools --Colored --Street Manual Training School, Inc.
Schools --Colored --Suffolk Normal and Industrial
Schools --Colored --Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute
Schools --Colored --Utica Normal and Industrial Institute
Schools --General
Schools --Theological

Box 37 
Seal --Association
Second Society of Universalists, Boston, MA
Seminars --Administrative
Seminars --Student (1-2)
Seminars --Student 1941-1942
Service Pension Committee --By-Laws
Society for Ministerial Relief, By-Laws
Southern New England Council, Regional By-Laws
Special Services --Meetings and Letters
Student Activity --General (1-2)

Box 38
Student Activity --Ministry to Students in Greater Boston
Students --Theological
Travel --Air
Travel --Automobile
Travel --General
Travel --Railroad, Fares, Passes, Rates
Un-American Activities (House Committee)
Un-American Activities Committee
United Negro College Fund, Inc.
United Unitarian Appeal --By-Laws
United Unitarian Appeal --Special Gifts
United War Fund
United War Fund Sunday
Unitarian Denominational Planning Council --Minutes: May 24, 1949-December 13, 1951
Unitarian Denominational Planning Council --Minutes: April 10, 1952-March 25, 1954
Unitarian Denominational Planning Council --Reports

Box 39
Unitarian Fellowship for Social Justice (Constitution)
Unitarian Laymen's League --By-Laws
Unitarian Service Committee --By-Laws
Unitarian United Appeal Budget
Unitarian Youth Commission (1-3)
Unitarian Youth Commission, 1940 (1-3)
Universalist Church of Ohio, The
Universalist-Unitarian Commission on Federal Union
University of California
University of California --University Religious Conference
University of Chicago
University of Colorado
University of Kansas
University of Kentucky
University of Minnesota (1-2)
University of New Hampshire
University of Toledo
Vallejo, California
V-E day Order of Service
Vermont, Unitarian-Universalist I

Box 40
Vermont General
Vermont Unitarian Conference
Vermont Unitarian Universalist Convention II
Virginia --General
Ware Lecture
Western Canada Unitarian Conference (See Icelandic Conference)
Western Unitarian Conference
Year Book Material
Year Book 1940