bMS 11007

American Unitarian Association. Executive Secretary Central Administrative Subject Files, 1930-1961

Summary Information:

Call Number: bMS 11007
Title:  American Unitarian Association, Executive Secretary Central Administrative Subject Files, 1930-1961
Repository: Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School,
45 Francis Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138-1911
Quantity: 40 boxes (14.00 linear feet)

Administrative Information:

Hollis number: AXH8386
Preferred Citation: American Unitarian Association, Executive Secretary Central Administrative Subject Files, 1930-1961, bMS 11007, Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School.
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Container List:

Box 1
Administrative Workshops
American Christian Palestine Committee
American Humanist Association
American Unitarian Association
Andover Newton Theological Schools
Annual Award Committee
Antioch College
Ardmore Institute
Ashley, Rev. George T.
Asilomar Conference
Aznakian, Rev. Charles Y.
Bangor Theological Seminary
Benevolent Fraternity of Unitarian Churches
Board of Directors --Social Relations Department, Establishment of
Board of Directors, 1926
Board of Trustees, March 1938-June 1942
Boston Association of Ministers
Boston Council of Churches
Boston, Massachusetts --General
Boston Sunday School Union
British General Assembly
Caldicott, Ernest I-II
Cambridge Association of Ministers
Cambridge Platform

Box 2
Canada, Winnipeg Circuit
Canadian Passenger Association
Charlottesville, VA
Christian Register --Appeals, 1931
Christian Register --Index, 1930
Christian Register --Merger with Ledger
Christian Register --Publicity Items
Christian Register --Question Box
Christian Register --Undated
Christian Register --Who's Who
Christian Register, 1931
Christian Register, 1934
Christian Register, 1936
Christian Register, 1938

Box 3
Christian Register --General, 1930
Christian Register --General, 1932 (1-2)
Christian Register --General, 1935-1937
Christian Register --General, 1939
Church of the United Kingdom

Box 4
Committees --Program
Committees --Program --Correspondence, 1943
Committees --Program --Mr. Davies
Committees --Program --Statements of Faith (United Advance Meeting)
Conference Meetings, 1936-1937
Correspondence --Miscellaneous, 1946-1952
Correspondence --Miscellaneous,Miscellaneous, 1947-1953
Council of the Free Church of America, 1932
Davis Seminar, 1950
Dedication --25 Beacon Street, 1970
Education, Department of 
Emergency Campaign of 1934
Emerson, Ralph W. --Divinity School
England --Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Box 5
England-British and Foreign Unitarian Association, 1930
England-British and Foreign Unitarian Association, 1942
England --Rawtenstall
Essex Unitarian Conference
Evangelical Missionary Society
Every Member Canvas
Federal Council of Churches
Federal Union
Federated Churches
Federation of Atomic Scientists
Florida, General
Food Collection for Europe, 1945

Box 6
Food for Freedom
Foreign Relations, 1935-1936
Fort Devens Project
Fraternity Farm
Fritchman, Stephen H. --Editorials: Christian Register
Fundraising, 1929-1930
General Alliance --The Axis and Alliance World
General Alliance --Intern News Sheet
General Alliance of Unitarian and Other Liberal Christian Women, 1942 (1-2)

Box 7
General Alliance of Unitarian Women (Extension Committee)
General Assembly (Great Britain)
General Commission
General Theological Library
Geneva Conference
Germany --Boston Community for United War Fund
Goddard College (1-2)
Gould Farm
Greenfield Group
Hackley --General, Feb. 1939-Dec. 1940
Hackley --General, July 1941-June 1943 (1-2)

Box 8
Hackley School (1-2)
Hackley School, 1946-1948 (1-2)
Hackley School --Finance --July 16-1938-October 1941
Hall of Fame --Portraits of Unitarians
Halle, H. Gunther
Hancock County Conference
Harvard Chaplains School
Harvard Law School
Harvard Theological School

Box 9
Harvard Theological School (2-3)
Hebrews (1-2)
House Committee --Un-American Activities
Institute of International Religions
Institute of Living
International Association --Addresses, 1937-1938
International Association --Bulletins, 1937
International Association --Bulletins and Yearbook, 1938
International Association --Constitution
International Association --Emblem

Box 10
International Association --General (1-2)
International Association, 1932
International Association, 1934
International Association, 1938

Box 11
International Association --General, 1939
International Association --International Sunday
International Association --Mailing List
International Association --Number of Delegates
International Association --Treasurer's Report, 1938

Box 12
International Association of Liberal Christianity and Religious Freedom
International Association of Liberal Christianity and Religious Freedom --Addresses, 1932
International Association of Liberal Christianity and Religious Freedom --General, 1935-1937
International Association of Liberal Christianity and Religious Freedom --Official
International Association of Liberal Christianity and Religious Freedom --Travel, 1932
International Association of Liberal Christianity and Religious Freedom --Travel, 1936-1937
International Committee

Box 13
International Religious Fellowship
International Rescue and Relief Committee
Iowa Unitarian Association
Ireland --British and Foreign Unitarian Association
Isles of Shoals --Association Week, 1930-1932

Box 14
Isles of Shoals --Joint Reunion, Congregationalists
Isles of Shoals --Minister's Retreat
Isles of Shoals --Tuck, Tonn, Parsonage
Jefferson, Thomas --Memorial Service
Jefferson, Thomas --Unitarian Regional Conference
Joint Lenten Services
Joint Unitarian Universalist Churches
Joy, Charles R. --Correspondence Regarding Manuscripts -- Name Analysis, Rumania
Joy, Charles R. --Manuscripts
Joy, Charles R. --Memos --Churches A
Joy, Charles R. --Memos --Churches M
Joy, Charles R. --Memos --General

Box 15
Kanabe Estate
Kansas Federation of Religious Liberals
Kansas --General
Lake Erie Conference
Lake Geneva Conference
Lake Pleasant Camp, N.H. for Diabetics
Lancaster, Rev. James L.
Lexington Council of Churches
Liberal Religious Youth
Life Members
Lombard College (1-3)
Lombard College --Historic Data
Lombard College, Undated
Lombard College, 1929

Box 16
Lombard College, 1930
Lombard College, 1932
Lombard College, 1935-1937
Long, Island N.Y. --New Church Proposal
The Loomis School
Looring, Robert S.
Los Angeles County Unitarian Council
Louisana --General
Maine --General

Box 17
Maine Unitarian Association --General (1-3)
Maine Unitarian Association, 1949-1950
Massachusetts Federation of Churches
Massachusetts Federation of Churches --Undated
Massachusetts Federation of Churches, 1935-1936
McCarrin Act
Memphis, Tennessee, 1937

Box 18
Metropolitan Conference, 1930
Metropolitan Conference, 1935-1937
Middle Atlantic States Council (1-2)
Middle Atlantic States Council --Cash Receipt Awards

Box 19
Middle Atlantic States Council, 1939
Middle Atlantic States Ministers Association
Middlesex School
Milton Academy
Ministerial Aid
Ministerial Institute, 1936-1942
Ministerial Vacations
Ministers --Anniversary
Ministers --Appeal Correspondence
Ministers --Association, by-laws
Ministers --General (1-2)
Ministers --Institutes
Ministers --Placement
Ministers --Protective Society
Ministers --Records
Ministers --Research Service
Ministers --Salaries
Ministers --Windows

Box 20
Ministers for New Churches
Minnesota --General
Minnesota and Icelandic Ministerial Conference
Minnesota Unitarian Conference
Minns Lecture
National Committee of Free Unitarians 
New Hampshire Unitarian Association, 1946
Ohio --General
Ohio-Valley Unitarian Conference

Box 21
Pacific Coast Conference, 1930
Pacific Coast Conference, 1932-1933
Pacific Coast Conference, 1938
Pacific Coast Conference, 1939 (1-2)

Box 22
Pacific Coast Conference, 1941
Pacific Coast Conference --Regional Directors Reports
Pacific Coast Unitarian Headquarters (1-2)
Pacific Northwest Conference
Pacific Northwest Early Unitarian

Box 23
Pacific Southwest Institute of Religious Liberals
Pacific Unitarian School for the Ministry (1-2)
Pacific Unitarian School for the Ministry --(After 1941 See Starr King School of Ministry)
Palestine Question, 1949
Patterson, George F. --Publicity
Perkins, Anna Weld --Unitarian Memorial, Inc.
Philadelphia Area Committee
Philadelphia --Proposal for RE Field Director
Pittsburg, PA --General
Pittsburg, PA --Surveys, Publicity, Calendars

Box 24
Pittsburg, Pa --Teachers Guide Project
Pocono Institute
Pomeroy, Vivian T. --Christian Register Stories
Preaching Statistics --(1-2)
Priestly, Joseph --Conference
Proctor Academy (1-2)

Box 25
Proctor Academy --Booklets (1-2)
Proctor Academy --Blue Prints
Proctor Academy --Undated
Proctor Academy, 1930

Box 26
Proctor Academy, 1932
Proctor Academy, 1935-1936
Proctor Academy, 1940
Program Committee
The Protestant
Protestant Information Center 
Publication Department, 1945

Box 27
Puerto Rico
Reduced Fare Clergy Certificates
Reed College
Regional Director-Rating Sheet
Religious Arts Guild, 1937-1946 and 1947-1952 (1-2)
Religious Arts Guild, 1946 --(Exhibit of Church Architecture)
Religious Education Association

Box 28
Richmond, Virginia 1934
Richmond, Virginia 1937
Romania --Name Analysis
Rowe Camp
Russian War Relief Fund

Box 29
Saint Lawrence University
Sears, John W.
Senextet Retreat House --general
Soares, Theodore S.
Society for Ministerial Relief
Society for Promotion of Theological Education
Soldiers and Sailors Committee
Soule, Frederick J. --Norfolk House Center
Southern New England Unitarian Council --Correspondence, 1939
Southern New England Unitarian Council --Correspondence, 1942
Southern New England Unitarian Council --Discussion Notes, 1937-1939
Southern New England Unitarian Council --General, 1937- 1938

Box 30
Southern New England Unitarian Council --Meeting Records, 1937-1942
Southern New England Unitarian Council --Retreat Conference --Minutes, 1940-1941
Southern New England Unitarian Council --Yearly Report -- Support Documentation, 1938
Southwest Regional Conference
Southwestern Area Conference --General
Soviet American
Topanga Conference
Tufts College

Box 31
Union College
Union Theological Seminary
Unitarian Advance
Unitarian Award Committee
"Unitarian Boston"
Unitarian Christian Committee
Unitarian Club, The
Unitarian Council of Social Action
Unitarian Denominational Planning Council (1-2)
Unitarian Fellowship
Unitarian Fellowships Newsletter
Unitarian Fellowship for Social Justice (1-3)

Box 32
Unitarian Foundation, Incorporated
Unitarian Foundation, Incorporated --Annual Corporation Reports
Unitarian Foundation, Incorporated --Bank Statements
Unitarian Historical Society
Unitarian Home of All Souls Church, Washington D.C.
Unitarian Institute
Unitarian Joint Action Committee of Greater Boston
Unitarian Laymen's League, 1930
Unitarian Laymen's League, 1937
Unitarian Laymen's League, 1938

Box 33
Unitarian Laymen's League, 1939 --Churchmanship Institute
Unitarian Laymen's League, 1940 --Churchmanship Institute
Unitarian Laymen's League --Mission Brotherhood
Unitarian Laymen's League --National Membership Campaign
Unitarian Laymen's League --Transfer File
Unitarian Membership by States
Unitarian Ministerial Union, 1936
Unitarian Ministerial Union, 1936 --Ministers' Institute

Box 34
Unitarian Ministerial Union, 1938 --Ministers' Institute (1-4)
Unitarian Ministerial Union, 1940 --Ministers' Institute
Unitarian Ministerial Union, 1942 --Ministers' Institute
Unitarian Ministerial Union, 1944-1945 --Ministers' Institute
Unitarian Ministers' Association (1-2)

Box 35
Unitarian Ministers' Hostel
Unitarian Pacifist Fellowship
Unitarian Service Committee
"Unitarian Signal", The
Unitarian Statistical Record
Unitarian Sunday School Union
Unitarian Temperance Society
Unitarian War Council
Unitarian Women
Unitarian Work Camp
Unitarian Workshop
Unitarian-Universalist Advisory Committee
Unitarian-Universalist Federal Union
United Christian Council for Democracy (Labor Day Message)
United Church Canvas
United Council for World Affairs
United Nations Organization
United Nations Week
United States Constitution Sesquicentennial Commission

Box 36
Universalists (1-3)
Universalists, 1932 (1-2)
War --Communications and Correspondence, 1939
Wayside Pulpit
Weld, Anna Perkins --Unitarian Memorial, Incorporated
Western Unitarian Conference

Box 37
Western Unitarian Conference, 1939
Whitney Homestead
Whitney Homestead --"The Bishop"
Whitney Homestead Committee
Whitney Homestead Committee House
Whitney Homestead --Elwell, S. Bruce --Architect
Whitney Homestead --General
Whitney Homestead --General, 1932
Whitney Homestead --General, 1933
Whitney Homestead --General, 1935
Whitney Homestead --General, 1937

Box 38
Whitney Homestead --General, 1938
Whitney Homestead --General, 1939
Whitney Homestead --General, 1940
Whitney Homestead --General, n.d.
Whitney Homestead --Heating Plant
Whitney Homestead --Insurance
Whitney Homestead --Landscaping
Whitney Homestead --Paintings (Newsham, William)
Whitney Homestead --Photographs
Whitney Homestead --Publicity
Whitney Homestead --Treasurer's Reports

Box 39
Whitney Homestead --Ventilation --Kitchen
Whitney Homestead --Vouchers
Whitney Homestead --Vouchers, April 30, 1935
Whitney Homestead --Vouchers, April 1959
Wilmington, North Carolina
Win the Peace Committee
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Worcester, Massachusetts
World Affairs Council
World Council Of Churches (Proposed)
World Relief and Rehabilitation
World-wide Broadcasting Foundation
Wyoming --General
Yale University

Box 40
Yalta Agreement
Yearbook --Orders and Letters
Young People's Religious Union, 1936
Young People's Religious Union, 1940