bMS 11025

American Unitarian Association. Department of Religious Education, Adult Education Administrative Subject Files, 1874-1940; 1945-1956

Summary Information:

Call Number: bMS 11025
Title:  American Unitarian Association, Department of Religious Education, Adult Education Administrative Subject Files, 1874-1940; 1945-1956
Repository: Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School,
45 Francis Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138-1911
Quantity: 16 boxes (5.60 linear feet)

Administrative Information:

Hollis number: AXO7464
Preferred Citation: American Unitarian Association, Department of Religious Education, Adult Education Administrative Subject Files, 1874-1940; 1945-1956, bMS 11025, Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School.
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Container List:

Box 1
Activities Report, 5/1947-5/1948
Advisory Committee, 10/9/1947
Advisory Committee, 1/8/1948
Advisory Committee, 10/14/1948 
Advisory Committee, 1/3/1949
Advisory Committee, 4/15/1949
Advisory Committee, 10/10/1949
Advisory Committee, 12/28/1949
Advisory Committee, 3/6/1950
Advisory Committee, 10/9/1950
Advisory Committee, 1/8/1951
Advisory Committee, 3/12/1951
Advisory Committee, 12/14/1951
Advisory Committee, 1951-1952
Advisory Committee, 1/18/1952
Advisory Committee, 5/1/1952
Advisory Committee, 9/23/1952
Advisory Committee, 9/1952
Advisory Committee, 9/23/1952
Advisory Committee, 4/8/1954
Advisory Committee, Budget
Advisory Committee, Personnel
Advisory Committee, Resolutions
Advisory Committee, Sub-committee on Social Problems
Adult Education and Social Relations Committee, 1945-1946
Adult Education and Social Relations Committee, 1947
Adult Education and Field Materials

Box 2
Adult Education Packet, 9/1947; 3/19/1948
Adult Education Packet, Spring 1949
Adult Education Releases: A (1-2)
Adult Education Releases: B, 1947-1949
Adult Education and Social Action --"It's Philosophy"
Adult Education and Social Relations --Reports and Plans, 9/1947
Adult Education Speakers
Alliance Committee on Adult Education and Social Relations
American Unitarian Youth
Atomic Energy

Box 3
Bible Classes --Lessons Plans (1-2)
Bibliographies --General
Bibliography on Post-war Planning
Bold New Programs --Point 4
"Bosses of Billions" --Army Engineers
Bricker Amendment
Brotherhood Race Relations --Intergroup Tensions
Budget, 1947-1948
Budget Book
Bush, Merrill

Box 4
Cain Amendment Protest
Calendar of Events
Case Histories in Social Action
Christian Unitarian Register
The Churchman, 5/1950
Church and Economic Life (Federal Commission), 1947
Church Self Surveys
Citizens for the Hoover Report
Council of Liberal Churches --Adult Programs Department
--Catalogues and Lists, 1953-1956
Collective Genius --Implement of Social Progress --K. Paulev
Columbia Area
Commission on Law and Social Action --Reports
Communication to Selected Officers in Unitarian Fellowship
Consensus Project --Duke University
Convocation --Records and Proceedings
Correspondence, 3/23/1950
Deering, Ivah --Correspondence

Box 5
Deering, Ivah --Correspondence, 1950
Deering, Ivah --Materials
"Democracies Battle" --Minister's Pamphlet, 12/1944
Discussion Guides --Writers
Discussion Leader Material, 5/1951
Displace Person Mailing
Domestic Problems
Education, Division of
Education, Division of --Advisory Council, 1948-1950
Election Issues
Episcopalian, Reports of 
Expenditures, 5/1947-5/1948
Expenditures, 1948-1949
Expenditures, 1949-1950
Federal Aid to Education?, 2/1950
Federal Aid to the Public Schools, 2/1950
Federal Council of Churches of Christ USA
Film Forum Reviews
Finances, 1950-1951
Form Letters
For Your Information --Miscellaneous
General Conference --Portland
General Films

Box 6
Genocide Convention --U.S. Representative to the Vatican
Genocide Mailing --Ministers Packet, 1/1950
The Good Discussion Leader
The Good Recorder
Governors, Correspondence to
Governors, Replies to Correspondence
Group Tensions
How to Run a Buzz Session
Human Rights Day, 1950 (December 10)
Human Rights and Genocide, 12/1949-1/1950
Institute of Adult Education and World Order
Interdenomination Action Project --Minutes, Advisory Committee, 1949
International Relations
Invoices, 1968-1969
Island Discussion Leaders
Israeli Sunday, 10/10/1948
Lake Geneva Summer Assembly, 1947
Legislative Bulletin
Letters to Congress, 1951-1952
Lutheran Reports

Box 7
Manhattan; Murray; Washington and Philly Winter, 1948- 1949
Manhattan; Poll of WOC
McCarron Act
Meadville Conference Institute
Meadville Conference, 4/19/1952 --SW Conference -- 4/19/1952 Resolution --RE Religious Delegates and Conferences
Mental Health Week, 5/3/1953
Methodist Reports
MISC Broadcasts on Religion
Misc. Meetings and Conferences, 1947
Montreal, Materials for, 1951
Mundst; Nixon; Ferguson Bill, 2/1950
Names and Addresses, Agenda and Minutes, January 26 Meeting
The National Conference on Citizenship, 9/17/1952
National Religion and Labor Foundation
North Atlantic Packet --A Symposium
Our Faith
Pamphlet Commission
Pamphlets Miscellaneous
Peace Day
Peaceful Relations Between East and West --"Steps to Peace"

Box 8
Pennington, Reverend Leslie
Pittsburgh Self Survey
Planning Aids Ideas
Portland Biennial, August 15-18, 1948
Portland Discussion Groups --September Mailing --Agendas and Resource Materials
Portland --General Conference
Questionnaire and Letter to Minister, 3/1949
Race Relations
Race Relations Sunday
Race Relations Sunday; Brotherhood Week, 2/8/1953- 2/20/1953
Recommended Reading for the Better Understanding of Children
Released Time, November 1949
Released Time Packet
Replies to Call, 1/26/1949 Meeting
Replies to 1/26/1949 Minutes
Resolutions, 1947-1948
Resolutions --Mailing on 1/50
Resolutions --Released Public School Time for Sectarian 
Religious Education, 1947
Rising Star--VI--IL

Box 9
Self-government Resolution in Washington
Smith Act
Social Action Committee
"Social Action in the Parish Church" --Revision, 1952
Social Action in the Unitarian Church
Southern Ministers Conference
Speakers --Notes and Correspondence
Star Island, The Thirtieth Year of Unitarian Meetings. The Tenth Year of Ownership, Conferences of 1926
Star Island, 1947-1948
Star Island Conference --General, 1952
Star Island Institute --Field Work, 8/1948
State Department
Summer Institutes
Summer Study --Letter, 4/9/1949
Syracuse Survey
"Threats to Liberal Democracy" --Buehrens Sermon
UCMT (Military Training)--National for WNAC Broadcast, 7/26/1947 Recorded, 7/23/1947
UFSJ --Proposal for may Meeting, May 1952
Unitarian Advance Bulletins/Requests
Unitarian Ministers of the "Magnolia Conference"
Unitarian Position Papers

Box 10
Unitarian-Universalist Union
United Nations --Broadcasts
United Nations --UNESCO
United Nations --UNESCO --New York
United Nations --UNESCO --Pamphlet
United Nations Day, 1949 --Meeting, 5/10/49
United Nations Day, 1949
United Nations Day, 1950 (1-3)
United Nations Day, 10/24/1950
United Nations Day, 10/24/1952
United Nations Day, Committee
United Nations Day, Committee, 6/21/49
United Nations Day, Observance Committee
United Nations Day, Organizing of Permanent Committee
United Nations Day, Report, 1948
United Nations Week
United Nations Week, 1947
United Nations Week, 1948

Box 11
United Nations Week, 1951
United Unitarian Appeal
United World Federalists
United World Federalists --Mailings
"Urban Church" Survey: A Church in Transition Between Ministries
Volunteer Interest Finder
Washington Conference on Foreign Policy, 3/9/1949
Washington Conference on Foreign Policy--Questionnaire for Foreign Policy
Washington Spotlight --2/1950 --Ministers Packet
Washington Spotlight --5/1950
Washington Spotlight --1/1951
Washington Spotlight --1951 --Criticisms and Suggestions
Washington Spotlight --3/1952-4/1951
WBZ --Foreign Policy Broadcast
WBZ --Open Discussion, 5/30/48 --"Today's Challenge -- Liberal Challenge"
WBZ-WBZA --Open Discussion --"How Can There Be Peace In Our Time?", 12/19/48
"Well, What Do We Believe" --Results
"What Do You Believe?" --Responses, 1945
"Where Do We Stand?", 4/1949
White House Conference Mailing, 3/1951
World Conference of Religion --Church Peace Union,

Box 12
World Order
World Order --General
World Order Commission (1-2)
World Order Commission, 1946
World Order Commission, 1949
World Order Commission, 1/23/1952
World Order Commission --Budget, 1947-1948
World Order Commission --Bush Correspondence, 1950-1951
World Order Commission --Bush Testimony
World Order Commission --China and the Far East (1-2)
World Order Commission --Correspondence
World Order Commission --Correspondence--Miscellaneous
World Order Commission --Correspondence to Senators 1951 --McMahon, et. al.
World Order Commission --Corresponding Members --Replies to 12/26/50 Letter on US-UN Policy
World Order Commission --Deepee Telegram, 4/1948

Box 13
World Order Commission --Executive Committee, 10/28/1948
World Order Commission --Executive Committee, 12/13/1948
World Order Commission --Executive Committee, 1948 -- Resolutions
World Order Commission --Executive Committee, 1/10/1949
World Order Commission --Executive Committee, 2/7/1949
World Order Commission --Executive Committee,
World Order Commission --Executive Committee, 5/2/1949
World Order Commission --Executive Committee --Agendas
World Order Commission --Executive Committee --Materials
World Order Commission --Executive Committee --Minutes
World Order Commission --Executive Committee --Poll on Palestine
World Order Commission --General
World Order Commission --"Goodwill Mission" Project -- Homer Jack
World Order Commission --Handbook, 6/1952
World Order Commission --Interim Committee, 1950

Box 14
World Order Commission --International Refugee Organization
World Order Commission --International Trade Organization
World Order Commission --International Trade Organization --Hearings
World Order Commission --Invitation to Cons. Members (Guiding World Order Commission --Principles)--11/17/50
World Order Commission --"Let Us Be Sane About Peace"
World Order Commission --Local Chapters
World Order Commission --Mailings and Minutes and Churches
World Order Commission --Members --Consulting Members -- Corresponding
World Order Commission --Members --Correspondence to 12/26/50
World Order Commission --Minutes and Reports
World Order Commission --Murray Mailing (General)
World Order Commission --"One Day: Undivided Brotherhood"
World Order Commission --Regional Institutes
World Order Commission --Replies to "It's Time for Discussion"
World Order Commission --Replies on Korea
World Order Commission --Replies to 7/19/51 Letter
World Order Commission --Replies to 7/12/51 Mailing
World Order Commission --Replies to Questionnaire on Foreign Policy
World Order Commission --Responses--6/30/52 VIP Letter
World Order Commission --Statement
World Order Commission --Statements--Miscellaneous -- 1946-1947
World Order Commission --Statement--10/1947--"A Day of Reckoning..."
World Order Commission --Statements--2-3/1951
World Order Commission --Truman Correspondence -- 7,9,12/1950; 1951

Box 15
World Order Commission for UNESCO
World Order Conference, 7/22,29/50
World Order Conference, Discussion Leaders
World Order Day, 10/19/1952
World Order Policy --Church Statements
World Order Week
World Order Week, 1950
World Order Week, 1951 --Correspondence
World Order Week, 1951 --Proceedings
World Order Week, 1951 --Star Island (1-2)

Box 16
"The Young Adults and the Church"--A Challenge to Postwar Leadership in View of Returned Veterans"
Young Couples Club, 5/1950
Your Conscience and the Hydrogen Bomb