bMS 15002

Unitarian and Universalist Photographs of Individuals

Summary Information:

  • Call Number: bMS 15002
  • Title: Unitarian and Universalist Photographs of Individuals
  • Repository: Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School, 45 Francis Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138-1911
  • Quantity: 3 boxes

Administrative Information:

  • Preferred Citation: Unitarian and Universalist Photographs of Individuals, bMS 15002, Andover-Harvard Library, Harvard Divinity School
  • Access: There are no restrictions on access to this collection. 

Scope and Content:

Collection consists of photographs of noteworthy Unitarians and Universalists and other public figures. 

Container List:

Box 1

  • --A
  • Abbe, Lena Pease
  • Adebo, Simeon Olsosabikan; Nigerian representative to the United Nations, 1962
  • Allin, Mrs. J. Bryan
  • Armstrong, Richard A.
  • Ansley, Mrs. Frank M.
  • Ashby, Robert H.
  • Ashworth, Alexander
  • Asplind, Mrs. Lawrence

Barnes, Rev. Herbert
Bagdikian, Ben H.
Baker, Mrs. Glenwood
Balster, Mrs. Charles S.
Bartlett, Josie Newcomb; wife of A. Eugene Bartlett
Beard, John R. 
Becker, Randy
Bejcek, Harold J.
Bell, William Y.
Benton, Herbert E.
Birks, William
Bowie, W.C.
Bowman, Frida
Briggs, John A.
Briggs, Thos. R. W.
Brun, Re. Emil Ulysees and wife
Buell, Mrs. Frank A.
Burgess, Mrs. Nelson A. (Connie)
Burthalf, Mary

Campbell, Francis
Canfield, Mrs. M.
Cary, Maude Lyon and husband
Caston, John; Secretary to the Office of Gay and Lesbian Concerns, 1975
Channing, William E.; including Channing Church
Cheetham, Rev. Henry H.
Churchill, Mrs. William
Clark, Sen. Joseph S.
Codding, Mrs. Madeline H.
Conins, Miss Sara
Conte, Silvio; with Bob Jones
Cutler, Senator Leslie B.

Davidson, Grace
Davies, Mrs. William W. III; President, General Alliance of Unitarian and Other Liberal Christian Women
Deats, Dr. Paul
Denbeaux, Fred
Dexter, Dr. Robert C.
Dolling, Adelaide
Douglas, Emily Taft
Douglas, Paul
Downing, Miss Mary Ann

Ede, Right Hon. 
Edgington, Diane
Estey, Martin Luther
Evans, Mrs. A. K.

Faber, Rev. Heije, D. D.
Fisher, Rev. Caleb E.
Fletcher, Mrs. Harold A., Jr.
Flippo, Mrs. D. V.
Frederick, Frank B.

Gardiner, Marian L.
Garrison, William Lloyd
Gartner, Mrs. Walter C.
Gideons, Dr. Harry D.
Gordon, J. B.
Graton, Waldo H. Jr.
Gratwick, Dr. Mitchell
Guenther, Karl W.; Church of Our Father

Box 2
Harris, Rev. George H.
Harris, Harold
Hassetts, Tom; memorial in Nepal
Hasted, Laura
Hazen, Mrs. Henry H., Jr; Co-chairman of the Work Service Project of the First Unitarian Church of Lynn
Heinz, Susan Wilder
Hempel, Mrs. Edward H.
Hollingsworth, J. H.
Hopper, Leon
Hovey, Avery Edwin
Humphrey, Hubert
Hunt, Wayne C.
Hunter, Edith
Hyslop, Dr. Beatrice F.

Imper, Mrs. Robert O.

Jay, Dr. Charles R.
Jeffries, Robert
Jenkins, Mrs. Thelma Line
Johnson, Willard; UUSC, with Fen Leavitt
Jonas, Dr. Hans
Joslin, Elliott Proctor; internationally noted author on diabetes

Keen, Sam
Keller, Mrs. Clemmie; Meals-on-Wheels Dallas long-time recipient, with Mrs. Geo. Loper, driver
Kelso, Robert W.; Secretary, Boston Council of Social Agencies
Kennedy, Winston; UU Board of Trustees, elected May 1965
Kimball, Mrs. George E. (Alice)
King, Rev. J. Starr-"an "opal miniature" Boston ca. 1860, wet collodian print on milk glass. These were usually cut and framed in oval shape frame" (this is rectangular)
King, Martin Luther, Jr.
Knowles, Sylvia H.
Kossow, Richard E.
Kuebler, Ernest

Lasselle, Elizabeth; AUA-UUA RE staff member
Lee, Alfred McClung; Graduate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, CUNY Brooklyn, member of the South Nassau Unitarian Church
Lincoln, Mrs. Danforth B.
Lindberg, Lucille
Litchfield, Wilford
Lounsbury, ?
Lundeman, Dr. Edward C.
Lundholm, Norma
Lyons, Miss Helen Marie; helper, Meals-on-Wheels Dallas, with Mrs. Tama Richardson, long-time recipient, and Mrs. Geo. Loper, driver

Marion, J. N.
Masden, Ric
Maury, Mrs. Daniel Evans
Mauzey, Mrs. Mary C.; Education Consultant for West Coast UUA Dept. of Ed. beginning Jan 1966
Miller, Orloff; discussing with Polish delegate Marek Antonzyk (center), IRF Conference, 1965
Mitchell, Austin; with Paul Sawyer and Chris Campbell, Continental Conference 1967, Quebec
Morgan, Miss Gean W.
Murray Grove ministers
Murray, John, glass portrait

Nash, Philip C.
Navias, Louis
Neusner, Jacob
Newcomb, Dean Rexford
Nielsen, Prof. Kai; New York University


Pieksen, Mrs. Geo.
Pierson, H. Talbot; Laymen's League 
Pollard, C. H.
Potter, Mrs. Alfred L.
Price, Ernie
Priest, Mrs. H. Malcolm
Putnam, Peter

Box 3

  • --R
  • Rock, John, MD.
  • Rogers, Mrs. Lucy
  • Rieber, Paul; with Jill Hammett, cont. conf. 1967
  • --S
  • Schaad, Dorothy Hopkins
  • Schueyer, Robert
  • Scofield, Rose
  • Scovel, Rev. Carl; with Cardinal Cushing
  • Seaman, Mrs. John H.
  • Shrigley, Rev. James
  • Smith, Paul M.; Associate Director, Office for Development, Church and Fellowship Campaign, 1970
  • Spear, Earle T; Elected Vice President Feb. 5, 1957
  • Starr, Deane
  • Steiner, Dr. Richard M.
  • Stokes, Carl B.
  • Stoneham, Mrs. Eldridge
  • Stroock, Bertram

Thompson, Mrs. Randall L. (Louis R.)
Thompson, William
Tyrie, Thomas; Methodist Church, Stafford
Tyrie, Mrs. Thomas

Uchigasaki, Rev. Prof. S.; S. New England Unitarian Council, -1958 & 1959
Upton, George A.

Mildred S. Vickers, UUA office secretary, 2 photos

Walker, Dorothy
Wahtera, Ruth; with Richard Goldstein, prior to panel, Denver, April 30, 1967
Whipple, Gertrude M.
White, Mrs. Kenneth B.
Widder-Arlington, Paul
Williams, Harrison
Williamson, Dr. S. J., Jr.

Unidentified individuals, approximately 100 photographs