bMS 15016

Audio Visual Collection, Graphic Arts, c. 1962-1980

Summary Information:

Call Number: bMS 15016
Title:  Audio Visual Collection, Graphic Arts, c. 1962-1980
Repository: Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School,
45 Francis Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138-1911
Quantity: 2 boxes

Administrative Information:

Preferred Citation:  Audio Visual Collection, Graphic Arts, c. 1962-1980, bMS 15016, Andover-Harvard Library, Harvard Divinity School
Access: There are no restrictions on access to this collection.

Container List:

Box 1
Calendar, 1962 --Dana Greeley with Japanese Dignitaries
Calendar, 1980
Citation --UUA (Pres. Paul N. Carnes) to Anwar Sadat, n.d.
Forum Brochure --American Issues/American Revolution Bicentennial
Print --"Alice in Wonderland"

Box 2 
"Our Faith"
"Our Faith" --A Panorama of Unitarianism
"Our Faith" --Its Sources:  Jesus
"Our Faith" --Its Sources:  Hebrew Prophets
"Our Faith" --Its Sources:  Marcus Aurelius
"Our Faith" --Its Sources:  Emerson
"Our Faith" --Its Sources:  Joan of Arc
"Our Faith" --Its Underlying Principles:  Freedom of Religion
"Our Faith" --Its Underlying Principles:  Reason
"Our Faith" --Its Underlying Principles:  Reverence
"Our Faith" --Its Underlying Principles:  Thy Will Be Done on Earth
"Our Faith" --Its Underlying Principles:  Biblical Scholarship
"Our Faith" --Its Heroes and Martyrs:  Jesus
"Our Faith" --Its Heroes and Martyrs:  Socrates
"Our Faith" --Its Heroes and Martyrs:  Wyclif
"Our Faith" --Its Heroes and Martyrs:  Huss
"Our Faith" --Its Heroes and Martyrs:  Luther
"Our Faith" --Its Heroes and Martyrs:  Servetus
"Our Faith" --Its Heroes and Martyrs:  Francis David
"Our Faith" --Its Heroes and Martyrs:  The Pilgrims
"Our Faith" --Its Heroes and Martyrs:  Priestly
"Our Faith" --Its Heroes and Martyrs:  Channing
"Our Faith" --Its Heroes and Martyrs:  Parker
"Our Faith" --Points Generally Agreed:  Five Points
"Our Faith" --Points Generally Agreed:  The Lord Our God is One God
"Our Faith" --Points Generally Agreed:  All Men as Sons of God
"Our Faith" --Points Generally Agreed:  Jesus, Teacher of the Way of Life
"Our Faith" --Points Generally Agreed:  No creed
"Our Faith" --Points Generally Agreed:  Evolution (2 copies)
"Our Faith" --Its Fruits in America:  The Hall of Fame
"Our Faith" --Its Fruits in America:  Public Service
"Our Faith" --Its Fruits in America:  Good Works
"Our Faith" --Its Fruits in America:  Literature
"Our Faith" --Its Fruits in America:  William Howard Taft
"Our Faith" --Its Responsibilities Today:  Spiritual Life
"Our Faith" --Its Responsibilities Today:  Education
"Our Faith" --Its Responsibilities Today:  Social Order
"Our Faith" --Its Responsibilities Today:  Peace
"Our Faith" --Its Responsibilities Today:  Mankind's Divine Potential