bMS 15030

Audio Visual Collection, Unitarian Universalist Church, Rockford, IL, "Fusion: 20th Century UU Preaching, 1981-1993."

Summary Information:

Call Number: bMS 15030
Title:  Audio Visual Collection, Unitarian Universalist Church, Rockford, IL, "Fusion: 20th Century UU Preaching, 1981-1993."
Repository: Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School,
45 Francis Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138-1911
Quantity: 2 boxes

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Preferred Citation:  Audio Visual Collection, Unitarian Universalist Church, Rockford, IL, "Fusion: 20th Century UU Preaching, 1981-1993.", bMS 15030, Andover-Harvard Library, Harvard Divinity School
Access: There are no restrictions on access to this collection.

Scope and Content:

Series of sixty-three video-taped sermons of Unitarian Universalist ministers from the Unitarian Universalist Church, Rockford, Illinois between 1981 and 1993. 

Container List:

Author/Speaker/Subject                                                              Date                                      

Box 1
Rev. Dave Weissbard, "The Tyranny of Normalcy"                        Sept. 27, 1981 
Rev. Steve Crump, "On Giving Birth"                                             Dec. 27, 1981

Rev. James Madison Barr, "Salvation"                                            Jan. 31, 1982

Rev. Barbara Merritt, "No Odds"                                                  Nov. 21, 1982

Rev. Lindsay Bates, "Good for Nothing"                                        Feb. 27, 1983

Rev. James Hobart, "Lifelong Season of Meeting"                          April 10, 1983
Rev. David Sammons, "Liberal View of                                          May 29, 1983
     Interfaith Relations" 

Rev. Judith Walker-Riggs, "Jonah and the Whale"                           Sept. 18, 1983

Rev. Jane Boyajian, "Tinkering with Life"                                        Nov. 20, 1983

Rev. Joyce Smith, "Four M's of Religion"                                        Dec. 11, 1983

Rev. Roy Phillips, "I'm Praying for You"                                           Jan. 8, 1984

Rev. Khoren Arisian, "Reclaiming Our                                             Feb. 5, 1984
     Natural Divinity" 

Rev. Armida Alexander, "Imagine That!"                                          March 4, 1984

Rev. Marjorie Montgomery, "A Lot to be                                         April 1, 1984
     Learned from Atheists" 

Rev. Mason McGuiness, "Play It as It Lies"                                      Oct. 21, 1984

Rev. Vern Barnett, "The Three Families of Faith"                               Nov. 4, 1984
Sandra M. Caron, "Kites Against the Wind"                                      Nov. 25, 1984

Rev. David B. Parke, "You are Accepted"                                        Dec. 9, 1984

Rev. Laurel Hallman, "Religion of Faith/Religion of Doubt"                 Jan. 13, 1985
Rev. Richard Weston-Jones, "Wintry Sort of Spirituality"                  Feb. 3, 1985

Rev. Mark Morrison-Reed, "From Quark to                                    March 10, 1985
     Cosmic Ark" 

Rev. Will Saunders, "Lines and Circles"                                            April 21, 1985

Rev. Horace Eliot Colpitts, "The Mission of                                      May 5, 1985
     Liberal Religion" 

Rev. Kendyl Gibbons, "The Road Out of Hell"                                  Oct. 6, 1985
Rev. Dianne Arakawa, "Prayer: The Second Step"                            Nov. 10, 1985

Rev. Steve Washburn, "Modern Medievalism"                                  Nov. 24, 1985

Rev. Donna Morrison-Reed, "Make People Laugh"                          Dec. 15, 1985

Rev. Dr. John Wolf, "About the Bible"                                              Jan. 12, 1986

Rev. Walter Royal Jones, "Flirting with Divinity"                                Feb. 2, 1986

Shelley Jackson Denham, "Are You There, God?"                            March 9, 1986

Rev. Roberta Nelson, "Every Night a Child is Born"                          April 13, 1986

Rev. Leslie Westbrook, "Aging: The                                                  Sept. 27, 1987
     Challenge to be Wise" 

Rev. Richard Weston-Jones, "I Am a Sect Myself"                            Nov. 15, 1987

Box 2 (all titles in this box are in VHS format)
Rev. Dr. Dwight Brown, "The Trinity is Still a Problem"                      Jan. 10, 1988

Rev. Mark Belletini, "Truth, Justice...& Oh Yes, Beauty"                    March 13, 1988

Rev. Ruppert Lovely, "Euthanasia"                                                     April 12, 1988

Rev. Victor Carpenter, "The Writing on the Wall"                               Jan. 8, 1989

Rev. Judith Mannheim, "Telling Your Story"                                       Feb. 5, 1989

Rev. Dan Hotchkiss, "The Decline of Hell"                                         March 12, 1989

Rev. Roger Fritts, "Every Moment is Sacred"                                     May 14, 1989

Rev. Cynthia Johnson, "The Source Within"                                        June 11, 1989

Rev. Rory Karlsen, "Unto the Least of These..."                                  June 25, 1989

Rev. Colleen McDonald, "To See Far Horizons"                                 Sept. 24, 1989

Rev. Michael Schuler, "Freud--Prophet of                                          Oct. 22, 1989
     the 20th Century" 

Rev. Denise Tracy, "Little Epiphanes"                                                  Jan. 21, 1990

Rev. Earl Holt, "Abe Lincoln's God"                                                    Feb. 11, 1990

Rev. Tom Chulak, "O, Freedom"                                                        April 22, 1990

Rev. Barbara Wells, "The Whole of Things"                                         June 17, 1990

Rev. Dave Weissbard, "Good Without God"                                       Sept. 2, 1990

Rev. Dave Weissbard, "Dealing With Differences"                               Nov. 11, 1990

Rev. Armida Alexander, "Journey on Bethlehem's Road"                     Dec. 16, 1990

Rev. Dave Weissbard, "The New Original Sin"                                   Dec. 30, 1990

Rev. Dr. Scott Giles, "Personal Responsibility & Wholeness"              March 17, 1991
Rev. Dr. Alan G. Deale, "Epiphanes"                                                  March 31, 1991

Rev. Dr. Kendyl Gibbons, "Of Life,                                                    Sept. 29, 1991
     Rights, & Choices" 

Rev. Roger Brewin, "A Morning With                                                 Oct. 6, 1991
     Clarence Darrow" 

Rev. Scott Alexander, "The Welcoming Congregation"                         Jan. 5, 1992
Rev. John Buehrens, "Attention and Leadership"                                   Feb. 2, 1992

Rev. Tony Larsen, "Oh, Ye of Little Faith"                                            Sept. 13, 1992

Rev. Kendyl Gibbons, "Abundant Life"                                                 Oct. 4, 1992

Rev. Charles Stephen, "Benign Indifference"                                         Nov. 1, 1992

Rev. Jane Rzepka, "God & Variations"                                                Nov. 29, 1992

Rev. Christine Robinson, "On Citizenship"                                            Jan. 3, 1993

"Unitarian Universalism - an Heretical History"                                     June 13, 1993
     (Slides and Narration)