Donating Faculty Papers

The Manuscripts and Archives Department of Andover-Harvard Theological Library collects the personal and professional papers of tenured members of the faculty. We also collect the papers of senior staff members (administrators) who have made special contributions to the academic life of the School.

Please contact the curator of manuscripts and archives (617.496.5153) if you are interested in donating materials to this office.

Listed below are some of the kinds of materials that the department collects (and does not collect). Please note that some collections of faculty papers also include records that are considered to be official University records, and those records should go to the University archives; for guidelines, see Harvard University Archives guidelines for managing faculty files. If you have any questions about what constitutes official University records, or the kinds of papers this department collects, please contact this department.

Materials that the department collects:

  • Biographical information, including curriculum vitae

  • Diaries and/or journals

  • Oral history interviews (typescript or AV tapes)

  • Transcripts and/or recordings of addresses, talks, lectures, etc.

  • Correspondence with colleagues and students

  • Material documenting professional, civic, or research activities

  • News clippings

  • Professional organization and conference files (includes agendas, meeting minutes, reports, correspondence, notes)

  • Research files, project records (includes proposals and planning records, research notes, meeting minutes, correspondence, etc.)

  • Teaching materials, including lecture notes, course syllabi, assignments, and course reading lists

  • Writings, published and unpublished, includes manuscripts, unpublished papers, drafts and notes, related correspondence, etc. 

  • Final drafts of unpublished works, including speeches and presentations

  • Photographs of the faculty member

  • One copy each of reprints and/or published articles

Materials that the department generally does not collect:

  • Informational files used for reference and research that are not specifically about the faculty member

  • Student records, including grades, student papers, etc. 

  • News clippings, magazines, etc., that are not specifically about the faculty member

  • Personal financial records

  • Publications by other people

  • The Manuscripts and Archives Department does not collect books published by faculty members; these items will be found in the circulating collection of Andover-Harvard Theological Library. Book selectors for the library may be interested in acquiring items from the personal libraries of faculty members. Please contact the reference staff if you are interested in donating your books to the library.

Packing and Sending Your Records

Please do not attempt to rearrange your papers before sending them to us. They can simply be removed from the file drawers in their original order, and shipped to us in whatever manner is most convenient. The records can be packed in any kind of boxes, as they will be reboxed when we receive them. We would also be happy to visit you at your office or home to facilitate the transfer of your papers to this department. 

Please label the boxes as to their contents, and number the boxes consecutively. It is also helpful to provide a list giving a short description of the contents of each box (for example, Box 1, Rev. Harry Smith, Administrative Correspondence, 1987-1997).

Please do not pack the boxes too full; there should be enough room in the box for you to comfortably put your hand in it. If your files are in hanging file folders that have tags with information on them, please try to pack the folders so you can get the box closed. Putting the files in sideways may help with this.

If you have any questions, please call this department. 

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