Records of Other Religious Institutions


This collection includes records of religious institutions not directly related to Harvard Divinity School, the American Unitarian Association, the Universalist Church of America, or the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Using the Collections

All collections are stored off-site and must be requested at least two business days in advance (see How to Use the Collections). Every collection is identified with a bMS number. In most of the finding aids, the bMS number is followed by a slash and a box number. Please note the bMS number and box number of the collection you are interested in, and contact the archives (617.496.5153 or 617.384.7904) to inquire about the collection or to make an appointment.

diagram of bms number components

Collection Number Records of Other Religious Institutions
bms 00577 American Society for the Study of Religion. Records, 1959-2006.
bms 00596 Arcot, India. North Arcot Mission, Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of America. Scudder family papers, 1847-1889.
bms 00542 Association for Clinical Pastoral Education. Northeast Region. Records, 1926-2007.
bms 00153 Catalonia, Spain. Records of the Holy Inquisition, ca. 1553-1770.
bms 00187 Index Association. Records, 1871-1880.
bms 00504 Massachusetts Congregational Charitable Society. Records, 1786-1889. (non-denominational, both Trinitarian and Unitarian)
bms 00615 Protestant Radio and Television Center. The Susan V. Russell Tape Library. Audio recordings, 1940-1959.
bms 00555 Society for the Arts, Religion and Contemporary Culture. Records, 1961-2003.
bms 00580 Society for the Arts, Religion and Contemporary Culture. Records, 1962-2001.
bms 00114 Soldiers' Memorial Society. Records, 1864-1878 (non-denominational)
bms 00497 St. Christopher's Training College, Madras, India. Records, 1921-1974.
bms 00058 Student Christian Movement in New England. Records, 1937-1944.
bms 00055 Unitarians in Transylvania and Hungary. Records, 1852-1950.
bms 00042 Unitarians in Japan. Scrapbook, 1891-1894.
bms 00499 Women's Christian College, Madras, India. Records, 1914-1979.