Unitarianism in Great Britain

Unitarianism in Great Britain—Congregations

Ouren, Dallas L. Some Major Unitarian Chapels in Great Britain. 2 vols. N.p., 1984. (2 v.: ill.; 29 cm. Photocopy of handwritten manuscript.) [Ref. BX9834.O87 1984]

"Very rough draft." Includes notes on the ministers and buildings of various British congregations. Bibliographic references are incomplete and appear within the body of the manuscript, primarily titles and dates of publications by the various ministers. A list of congregations appears at the beginning along with a few illustrations.

Ouren, Dallas L. Some Presbyterian/Unitarian Chapels/Churches of the British Isles. [Cambridge: Andover-Harvard Theological Library, 1982?] ([103] leaves; 29 cm. Photocopy of typescript; title page note reads "Evans, revised & abridged.)[Ref. BX5203.E9 O97 (also folio stacks)]

Includes a bibliography of British Presbyterian and Unitarian writings (leaves 2-5). Entries are arranged by town and include names and dates of ministers and relevant bibliographic references. Also includes the following lists, arranged at the end of the manuscript: Journals; Presidents of the BFUA (1825-1928) and of the General Assembly (1929-1982); Anniversary Sermons (1826-1976); and Officers of Manchester College (1793-1981) and the Unitarian Home Missionary College (1854-1914).

Unitarianism in Great Britain—Directories

General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches. Directory. London: Unitarian Headquarters, 1969- [Ref. BX9811.G7 A4 (back issues in stacks, microfilm)]

Includes obituaries.

Unitarianism in Great Britain—Handbooks

Handbook. London: General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches, 1970- [Ref. BX9811.G7 A3 (back issues in microfilm)]

Published every three or four years 1967/70-1980/84 and every five years 1988- . Includes sections on the General Assembly; Regional Associations; Congregations; the Ministry; Trust Funds; Sunday School Associations; Periodicals, Centres, and Schools; International Unitarian and Liberal Religious Organizations; Legal Information for Churches.)