Statistics By Religious Group

The Andover-Harvard Library holds current denominational and general statistical information about several religious traditions.


Yearbook of the American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A. Valley Forge, Pa.: American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A. [Ref. BX6207.A3 1997]

Contains a summary of denominational statistics by region, including membership, baptisms, church school enrollment, and expenses.

Year book of the American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts. [Mass.]: TABCOM, 1969- [Ref. BX6248.M32]

Includes tabulations of data by regional associations, listed by congregation.


Church of the Brethren. Yearbook. Elgin, Ill.: Church of the Brethren General Board, 1982- [Ref. BX7807.C51]

Although the cover of this volume promises statistical information, the 1994 edition did not actually include any.


See also United Church of Christ

National Association of Congregational Christian Churches. Yearbook. Oak Creek, Wis.: The Association, 1972/73-[Ref. BX7113.N3]

Contains most recent statistics for each congregation, including membership, attendance, church school enrollment, and benevolences and expenses.


The Episcopal Church Annual. Wilton, Conn. [etc.] Morehouse-Barlow [etc.], 1953- [Ref. BX5830.L785]

Includes a general summary of current statistics; provincial summaries; and a table comparing statistics in five-year increments beginning 1850, and in annual increments beginning 1975.


Society of Friends. New England Yearly Meeting. Minutes of the New England Yearly Meeting of Friends. South Portland, Maine: New England Yearly Meeting of Friends, 1945- [Ref. BX7607.N3 A3]

Basic statistics provided for each local Meeting.


Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America. Yearbook. New York, 1984- [Ref. BX240.N63]

Includes limited statistical reports in the Registry of the Archdiocese section of the yearbook.


Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses. Brooklyn, N. Y.: Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, 1927- [Ref. BX8525.Y47 current]

Includes a statistical section, with particular emphasis on tract distribution. Information arrangement varies by year.


American Jewish Year Book. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society; New York: American Jewish Committee, 1900- [Ref. E184.J5 A6]

See Vol. 92 (1992; shelved in stacks) for a lengthy study of American Jewish demographics, "Profile of American Jewry: Insights from the 1990 National Jewish Population Survey"; the essay begins p.77, with tables beginning p.143. Revised figures are provided in Vol. 93 (1993) in the essay, "Jewish Population in the United States, 1992," p.192.


Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Yearbook. Minneapolis, Minn.: Publishing House of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, 1988- [Ref. BX8009.A6 Current]

Provides statistics by congregation, by synod, and in summary.

Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod. Lutheran Annual. St. Louis, Mo.: Concordia Pub. House, 1967- [Ref. BX8009.L83 Current]

This includes an especially valuable section which compares statistics from 18 Lutheran denominations. Also provides Missouri Synod statistics organized by district, by state, and by decade.

Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod. Statistical Yearbook. Concordia, Mo.: Concordia Publishing House. [Ref. BX8061.M7 A32]

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. New England Synod. Assembly Minutes. Worcester, Mass.: New England Synod, ELCA, 1988- [Ref. BX8061.N48 E92 Current]

Most recent statistical data is arranged by congregation and includes membership and financial information.

Directory: Lutheran Churches in Canada. [Winnipeg]: Division of Information Services, Lutheran Council in Canada.[Ref. BX8063.C2 D56]

Basic statistics are presented as a centerfold chart.

Yearbook of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. Winnipeg, Man.: Office of the Secretary, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, 1986- [Ref. BX8063.C2 E8]

Congregational statistics are arranged by province. Also includes summaries of national and provincial data.


Mennonite World Handbook. "A survey of Mennonite and Brethren in Christ Churches." Lombard, Ill.: Mennonite World Conference. [Ref. BX8107.M38]

Includes a statistical section.

Mennonite Yearbook and Directory. Scottdale, Pa.: Mennonite Publishing House, 1910- [Ref. BX8107.M45]

Includes an interesting range of statistics: tabulations of the number of congregations in different size communities; primary ethnic bodies in Mennonite conferences; ages of adherents in Mennonite conferences; youth and student statistics; and a full range of more typical statistical information about congregational size, regional distribution, and financial contributions and expenses.

Conference of Mennonites in Canada. Yearbook. Winnipeg, 1966- [Ref. BX8129.C66 A1]

Includes congregational statistics by province.


United Methodist Church (U.S.). General Minutes of the Annual Conferences of the United Methodist Church. Evanston, Ill.: General Council, 1968- [Ref. BX8382.2.A1 U57b]

Includes extensive statistical information.


Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). General Assembly. Minutes. Office of the General Assembly, 1983- . Issued in two parts: pt. 1. Journal (Proceedings); pt. 2. Statistics. [Mflm. Period 5182 vol., year: pt.2]

Although the current issue of pt.1 (Minutes of the General Assembly) is shelved in Ref. BX8969.2 A1 vol., year: pt.1, the statistical volume is held only in microfilm. Statistical tables are provided for each congregation, arranged by presbytery. Summaries appear by presbytery and by synod. The volume also includes comparative statistics and statistical analysis. Among the financial data included are complete tables of staff compensation for all governing bodies (i.e., presbyteries, synods, and the General Assembly).

Cumberland Presbyterian Church. General Assembly. Minutes. Memphis, Tenn.: Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1831- [Ref. BX8971.C8]

Statistics can be found in the Report of the Stated Clerk.

Church of Scotland. Year Book. Edinburgh: The Saint Andrew Press, 1966- [Ref. BX9076.A3]

Includes a section on congregational statistics.


Reformed Church in America. General Synod. The Acts and Proceedings of the General Synod of the Reformed Church in America. New York : Board of Publication of the Reformed Church, 1868- [Ref. BX9518.A13]

The Appendix volume ("Directory and Financial Statements") includes congregational statistics, which are arranged by synod and subdivided by classis. A general summary is included.


The Official Catholic Directory. New York: P. J. Kennedy, 1913- [Ref. BX845.C5]

A General Summary of annual statistics, arranged by diocese, can be found at the end of the Index of Institutions. A Statistical Overview is included with the directory entry for each diocese.

Catholic Almanac. Huntington, Ind.: Our Sunday Visitor, Inc., 1969- [Ref. AY81.R6 N3]

Refer to the index entry for "Statistics." Includes a variety of figures, with separate sections on world Catholicism, Catholicism in Canada, and Catholicism in the United States. [Latest ed. 1996.]


Unitarian Universalist Association. Directory. Boston: Unitarian Universalist Association, 1962- [Ref. folio BX9811.U45]

Includes a statistical summary, which compares figures for the last several years, and a map showing the number of congregations and members in each state or province. Statistics are also included by congregation.


United Church of Canada. Year Book and Directory. Toronto, 1989-  [Ref. BX9881.A15 U5]

Includes an extensive statistical section, with an explanatory essay.


United Church of Christ. Massachusetts Conference. Directory and Minutes of the ... Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ. [Mass.] : The Conference, 1980- [Ref. BX7108.M3 A3]

Includes limited congregational data, with a summary of the number of churches, ministers, members, and benevolent contributions.

United Church of Christ. Year Book. New York, N.Y. : The Church, 1962- . [Ref. BX9884.A1 U55]

The Directory of Local Churches includes congregational statistics, with summary tables and comparative historical totals at the end of the section.