Ezra Ripley's Anniversary Sermon OutlineEzra Ripley's Anniversary Sermon Outline

For individually printed sermons, the HOLLIS Catalog usually contains a record of where the sermon was preached if this has been noted on the cover, title page, or at the beginning of the sermon. Please see Searching HOLLIS Classic for Information on Local Congregations for assistance. The sermons should be available in the library, or you might consider an interlibrary loan request. The library may have additional printed resources not listed in the HOLLIS Catalog; if you are looking for sermons by a particular minister during a particular time period, please contact a research librarian for search assistance.

For manuscript sermons, it is often necessary to consult the manuscript itself. Preaching records (lists of dates, locations, and titles) are not numerous in the collection; the personal papers of Warren Skinner (bMS 433), Theodore Parker (bMS 101), and Hosea Ballou II (bMS 359) are notable for including their records. The library also has the record book of Abigail Phippen West (bMS 398), who recorded the preachers and sermon texts and frequently summarized the sermons preached at the North Church, Salem, Massachusetts, 1822-26.