Current live exhibits are described on this page. Images found on the library's website and other selected images are found in "Featured Images." Online exhibits are listed on the left.

Current Exhibits

Harvard Divinity School Students and Alumni in the American Antislavery Period

Selected antislavery publications from the library's collection are on display on the first floor near the circulation desk. Items include gifts from the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society to HDS in 1838, and some antislavery sermons and discourses delivered by HDS alumni from 1832 to 1856.

Religious Aspects of the American Civil War

A small sample of pamphlet sermons and other ephemeral materials, including hymn and prayer books used by soldiers, printed during the American Civil War are displayed in the Stendahl Lobby, second floor. For more information about the library's collection of this type of material, see the companion research guide.