The Temperance Movement

Temperance has been a consistent tenet of American religions since the colonial period. Numerous ministers in numerous denominations regularly have addressed the theme in sermons and writings.

The Unitarian Temperance Society published hundreds of pamphlets and informational brochures to inform public opinion about the place of alcohol in society. The cards on this page were printed probably just as American Prohibition was repealed.

1. What Is Alcohol?1. What Is Alcohol?

2. Alcohol a Depressant.2. Alcohol a Depressant.

3. Dulls the Brain.3. Dulls the Brain.

4. Habit forming.4. Habit forming.

5. Machine Age.5. Machine Age.

6. Drink, Drive and Die!6. Drink, Drive and Die!

7. Is Beer a Temperance Drink?7. Is Beer a Temperance Drink?

8. Former Beer Experiments.8. Former Beer Experiments.

9. You ARE Your Brother's Keeper!9. You ARE Your Brother's Keeper!

10. You can't dodge the scientific facts about liquor!10. You can't dodge the scientific facts about liquor!