Database of Latin Dictionaries

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The Database of Latin Dictionaries (DLD) provides access to a growing number of Latin dictionaries. The database will comprise three kinds of dictionaries: dictionaries to assist translation from Latin into modern languages (English, French, German, and other), dictionaries providing semantic and etymological explanations in Latin of Latin words, and historical Latin dictionaries.

DLD presently includes the following: Blaise - Patristic (Dictionnaire latin-français des auteurs chrétiens, 1954, 1967, 2005), Firmini Verris Dictionarius (Dictionnaire médiéval latin-français, 1440), Du Cange (Glossarium mediae et infimae latinitatis, ed. 1883-1887), and Blaise - Medieval (Dictionnaire latin-français des auteurs du moyen-âge, 1975)—coming soon.

The Database of Latin Dictionaries is linked to the Library of Latin Texts (CLCLT), permitting to search on a word in a dictionary within the DLD and to identify actual occurrences of the word within its context in the CLCLT and vice versa.

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