Defining Gender Online: Five Centuries of Advice Literature for Men and Women (1450-1910)

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Defining Gender, 1450-1910: Five Centuries of Advice Literature for Men and Women Online is published by Adam Matthew. When complete, this resource will comprise five modules, each with introductory essays, and will contain about ten thousand images of original documents.

Currently, four modules are available. Section I: Conduct and Politeness, focuses on advice literature for women. Section II: Domesticity and the Family, "frames gendered behaviour within the context of family." Section III: Consumption and Leisure, provides primary source documents to facilitate a gendered approach to topics such as consumption, consumer culture, advertising, leisure, sport and entertainment. Section IV: Education and Sensibility.

Separate lists of names, topics, and documents can be used to access materials. Defining Gender also permits keyword searches of its indexes: the "Boolean functionality" section explains this in detail. Short biographies of individuals are provided.

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