Digital Library of Classic Protestant Texts

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The collection will include digital facsimiles and searchable texts of Protestant Christian reformers including Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, Tyndale, Melanchthon, Beza, Bucer, Bullinger, Chemnitz, Episcopius, Oecolampadius, Cranmer, Menno Simons, Arminius, and many others whose writings shaped and defined the Lutheran, Reformed, Anglican, Presbyterian, Baptist, Anabaptist, Puritan, and Congregationalist traditions. Some works supplemented by English translations. Selected by scholars from universities across Europe and the U.S. including Harvard, Geneva, Tubingen, Zurich, Cambridge, Princeton, Oxford, Duke, Yale, and Munich. The collection is approximately 75% complete and new content is added on a regular basis. Dates: 16th and 17th centuries

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