Gnomon Online

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Gnomon is a restricted, online version of the bibliographic database for the Classics, Gnomon Bibliographische Datenbank (GBD), available in the Widener Library's Loker Reading Room under CD-ROM RR 161. With only about 15% of the GBD, Gnomon Online holds about 36,000 bibliographic references, including a thesaurus of names, places, themes, and other terms associated with the ancient world. The thesaurus is organized hierarchically by subject, with entries for history, literature, mythology, philosophy, histoepigraphy, topography, and more. Each heading is further sub-divided by geography, historical period, and additional subject headings. In total there are over 5,550 controlled terms. Entries may also be browsed and searched by author and title and bibliographic references link back to the source, as well as to similar entries that fall under the same headings. Results can be saved, printed, or exported. Gnomon Online is available in English, German, and French search interfaces. For a more complete search, consult the CD-ROM in the Loker Reading Room under CD-ROM RR 161.

Coverage is focused on bibliographic entries for research published after 2002; Gnomon Online includes records previous to 2002, but it is recommended to search the Gnomon CD-ROM for more complete information.

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