Movies to Watch at Home, Audio for Your Commute

Catch up on the movies you missed in the theaters or the programs that you've been meaning to see. The library has a growing collection of recent and classic popular DVDs (including such titles as Schindler's List, The Shawshank Redemption, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Good Night and Good Luck) as well as documentaries (including Jesus Camp, Eyes on the Prize, and Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero).

Satisfy your curiosity about some of the great preachers and lecturers of our times. The library has CDs and audiocassettes of sermons and lectures by Paul Tillich, Reinhold Niebuhr, and Martin Luther King, Jr., that are great for those days when you don't want to listen to NPR or the music on your MP3 player during your commute.

The library's collection of almost 900 CDs, DVDs, videocassettes, and audiocassettes can be easily browsed on the second floor of the library in the microforms and media room near the reference desk. Come, take a look, and check something out for the coming weekend. These items circulate for three days.

This collection primarily serves HDS coursework. Please use the Recommendation for Purchase form to inform us about media that should be added to this collection. 

To discover and locate media materials in any of the Harvard libraries, please consult the HOLLIS Catalog and use the "expanded search" option, where you can limit searches by format (visual, audio, etc.) at the lower left-hand portion of the screen.