Things We Love: Part 1

In celebration  of Valentine's Day this month, library staff offer some of their favorite things. These are items that can be found in our collections, or tools that can be used to bring our collections closer to you. You'll find that our favorites are very different. They include the unique, the universal, the practical, and the quirky. We hope our stories will inspire you to sample our favorites and lead you to discover new things to love in our library.

Cliff loves finding images

"As the person responsible for the Featured Images page of our website, I enjoy finding photographs and other images in our manuscripts and archives collections and in older books and journals. Our photograph of Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941), the great poet, novelist, playwright, composer, political figure, and spiritual leader from Bengal, is one such find. Taken by Roger Etz (1886-1950) in 1934 during his world tour as general superintendent of the Universalist General Convention, it is both a candid and a formal portrait, and one found only in our collection. It is one of two photographs by Etz in bMS 800/1 (7)."

Gloria loves LibX

"LibX is a Firefox toolbar extension. LibX is the quickest way to search the HOLLIS Catalog, and it makes our vast array of e-resources more accessible. If you find an article online and the publisher asks you to pay for it, LibX can save you money and time because, with it, you can determine whether the Harvard University Libraries already has an online subscription. LibX embeds a clickable Harvard shield on search results on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and The New York Times Book Review websites that leads to Harvard's print and online collections. LibX also allows you to select text, like a book title or topic keywords, on a website and then search for information in the Harvard libraries. To download LibX, go to LibX - Harvard University Library Edition."

Michael loves My Life With the Saints, by James Martin (BX4651.3 .M27 2006)

"I love this book because it was given to me by my priest when I converted to Catholicism in 2006. It is filled with short biographies of great saints, introduced to us as Martin encountered them. He tells how these saints—from St. Jude ('the saint of the sock drawer') to Pope John XXIII ( who taught him to live chastely as a member of a religious order)—affected his life. It is a great read, even if you're not Catholic, because of the extraordinary lives and the intertwining story of how these saints touched the life of one man."