Things We Love: Part 2

Russell loves Codex Vaticanus B

"What I love is the Codex Vaticanus B, one of our rare books. Codex Vaticanus B is one of the most valuable uncial manuscripts of the Bible. It was written in the middle of the fourth century ce. The one and only original is in the Vatican Library, but we hold a beautiful limited edition facsimile that is accurate down to page color and crinkles. What I especially love is that it is a rare book that is used. One of our professors regularly shows it to his classes. The library holds about 30,000 volumes of rare books, a relatively small but significant collection available for your research, Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm, except University holidays. In addition to the Codex Vaticanus B, there are books printed in the earliest printing following Gutenberg, many other rare Bibles, first editions of works by Calvin, Luther, Arminius, and many, many more."

Michelle loves Citation Linker

"Citation Linker is a quick tool to use when you have a citation for an article you need to find. Just enter the journal title, ISSN, or any other information you have, and Harvard's "Find It!" will attempt to link you to the full text of the article or the journal."

Nell loves the Naxos Music Library

"If you find that music helps you concentrate, this online collection of sound recordings is an amazing resource. The collection is primarily classical, but it includes a surprisingly broad array of genres—great for when you have the sudden and uncontrollable need to hear the "Maple Leaf Rag," the "Queen of the Night" aria from Die Zauberflote, a Sousa march, or the Star Wars theme music. This resource is available to Harvard users here. Other electronic resources available to Harvard users can be found via the Key E-Resources @ HDS or the Find E-Resources on the Harvard Libraries page."