Google Book Search (Harvard Version)

Harvard library users now have their own version of Google Book Search with a "Find at Harvard University" link displayed for every item on a search results page. This version allows users to search the full text of all books available in Google Book Search (whether contributed by Harvard, another library, or the publisher) and then easily find out if Harvard has a copy of the work in print or electronic format.

Google Book Search searches the content of all of the books on its site, but because many copyrighted works do not have a full view on Google, this search helps you easily find a copy at Harvard.

When you click on the "Find at Harvard University" link:

  • It brings you to the catalog record if an exact match is found in HOLLIS.
  • If an electronic version of the book has been licensed by Harvard, it brings you directly to the full text of the e-book.
  • If an exact match in HOLLIS is not found, it brings you to a HOLLIS search screen with search words already filled in, making it easy to search in HOLLIS.

Google Book Search (Harvard Version) is one of several items listed on the library's Key E-Resources by Type: E-Books and E-Texts page.