Finding Articles and E-Resources

Finding Articles

From the search box on the home page, select the Articles & E-Resources tab and use the Religion Quick Search to quickly find articles on a topic in the fields of religion and theology. The Religion Quick Search simultaneously searches some of the most useful e-resources in these fields.

For in depth research on a topic, use specialized article databases.

  • To browse key article databases in the fields of religion and theology (selected from hundreds of databases available at the Harvard Library) go to the Key E-Resources page, scroll down to Key E-Resources by Type where the Article Databases category will be listed first.
  • To find article databases sorted by topic areas that generally correspond to the Harvard Divinity School curriculum (e.g. Buddhist Studies), ), go to the Key E-Resources page, scroll down to Key E-Resources by Topic, and then select  the relevant topic
  • For the full range of article databases available at Harvard Library, go to All Harvard E-Resources. Article databases can be identified by first selecting a subject area (e.g. Philosophy and Religion) and then narrowing the selection by E-Resource Type. Select the Resource type 'Indexes to journal articles' to locate Article Databases by subject. Note that "Indexes to journal articles" in All Harvard E-Resources is equivalent to "article databases" as used on the Andover-Harvard Library website.

Finding Articles When You Have a Citation

Use Citation Linker to find full text online articles when available through the Harvard Library. To use the Citation Linker form, enter the name of the journal and the remaining citation information. Then, click Find It. The displayed results will provide links to any online versions of the article (or journal that includes the article) as well as a link to HOLLIS that will display any additional print holdings in the Harvard Library. Note that if full text online versions are not available, you may be automatically directed to HOLLIS to check for print availability.

Citation Linker can also be found on the Journals tab of the search box on the home page.

Finding Articles on Biblical Passages

Use scripture citation indexes to find articles on Biblical passages in ATLA Religion Database, Old Testament Abstracts, and New Testament Abstracts.  For more, see Biblical Studies Research Guides.

Finding E-Resources

Use lists of key e-resources grouped by topic and type to locate major e-resources useful in the study of religion and theology.

Search a more comprehensive list of all Harvard e-resources by title, subject, or keyword to find additional e-resources available at the Harvard Library.


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