Finding Articles and Books

See the library's page of Key E-Resources on Hebrew Bible-Old Testament and New Testament and Early Christianity for suggested online article databases. Note: In the ATLA Religion Database, Old Testament Abstracts, and New Testament Abstracts, click the "Scriptures" button and type in the book and chapter number to locate articles by text, for example, "Luke 10." Choose entries that appear in the list by clicking the boxes on the left and then click on the "Search" button. For more information about the ATLA Religion Database, see Using the ATLA Religion Database.

Search HOLLIS Classic for commentaries and other works on specific biblical books and passages. In the "Search type" columm, choose the option "Subject beginning with ..." and formulate your search like these examples: "bible o t job";  "bible n t romans" (remember to put a space between the "o" and "t" and the "n" and "t").

Also consider using:

  • Elenchus of Biblica [Printed version from 1964 to latest published: Ref. Z7770.E42]. Elenchus is an annual bibliography covering all areas of biblical research. It is the most comprehensive work in its field, covering books, reviews, and articles on the Hebrew Bible, New Testament, intertestamental Judaism, the early patristic period, biblical theology, archaeology, and other related topics. It has an annual subject index, author index, lists of texts, and indexes of Hebrew and Greek words. It is usually three to five years behind the current year.
  • International Review of Biblical Studies [Ref. Z7770.I57]. Not as comprehensive as Elenchus, it includes abstracts in German, French, or English of each item indexed and has an arrangement that is easier to use. It covers articles in over 400 periodicals, plus Festschriften, reports, and book reviews. There is a classified subject arrangement; the table of contents is at the end of each volume. Coverage is from 1952. It was originally titled Internationale Zeitschriftenschau für Bibelwissenschaft und Grenzgebiete.
  • Bibliographies for Biblical Research compiled by Watson E. Mills [Old Testament series: Ref. BS1151.2.B53 Z99 1997 and Ref. BS1151.2.B533 Z99 2002; New Testament series: Ref. BS2341.2.B53 Z99 1993 and Ref. BS2341.2.B533 Z99 2002]. Most of the volumes in the older series have three parts: scriptural citations, subject citations, and commentaries. The listings are not comprehensive but do usually include significant works up to the time of the compilation. The newer series updated periodical literature only.