Biography by Religious Tradition or Denomination

Biographical dictionaries, such as Dictionary of Catholic Biography, and subject encyclopedias, such as Encyclopaedia Judaica, limited to one religious tradition can be used to find biographical sketches.

Library of Congress call number ranges for each religious tradition can be used to find subject dictionaries/encyclopedias, and the specific call number ranges allocated to biography can help locate biographical dictionaries for that religious tradition in the reference collection. 

Below are some examples of useful subject and biographical dictionaries as well as some Library of Congress call number ranges that can be used to find additional resources.

Subject Encyclopedias


Library of Congress subclass BM
Subject encyclopedia: Encyclopaedia Judaica [Ref. folio DS102.8.E496 1972a]
Biography BM 750-755


Library of Congress subclass BP
Subject encyclopedia: The Encyclopaedia of Islam [Ref. DS37.E523] (Note: This is an example of a subject encyclopedia that is not classified using the BP Islam classification, but DS History, Asia instead)
Biography BP 70-80


Library of Congress subclass BQ
Subject encyclopedia: Encyclopedia of Buddhism [Ref. BQ128 .E62 2004]
Biography BQ 840-999


Library of Congress subclass BR
Subject encyclopedia: Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church [Ref. BR95 .O8 1997]
Biography BR 1690-1725

Biographical Dictionaries

Biographisch-Bibliographisches Kirchenlexicon [Ref. BR1700.2.B38]
Dictionary of Catholic Biography [Ref. BX4651.2 .D4 1961]
Twentieth Century Dictionary of Christian Biography [Ref. BR1700.2 .T9 1995]
The Blackwell Dictionary of Evangelical Biography 1730-1860 [Ref. BR1640 .B53 1995]

Library of Congress call number ranges for Christian denominations can be used to find biographical dictionaries by religious tradition.

Catholic Church: Biography BX 4650-4705

Protestantism: Biography BX 4800-9999

Church of England: Biography BX 5197-5199

Baptists: Biography BX 6493-6495

Other denominations and denomination groups follow the Baptists in alphabetical order in BX.

The biographical sources mentioned here are only a small number of those available. For more information, contact a research librarian.