Graduates and Others Enrolled at Harvard Divinity School

In general, the library is the repository for historical information on the Harvard Divinity School. For information on living alumni, contact the Office of Development and External Relations.

The library will supply brief biographical information on students enrolled (both graduates and non-graduates) at Harvard Divinity School through the academic year 1919-20 from the General Catalogue of the Divinity School of Harvard University, 1920 (Cambridge: Published by the University, 1920 [Ref. BV4070.H44 1920]). Henry Wilder Foote was the editor of the 1920 edition. The editions of 1898, 1901, 1905, and 1910 were edited by the Rev. Robert Swain Morison. The edition of 1915 was edited by the Rev. Edward Hale. Note: Because this work was not updated after 1920, information on those in classes closer to the 1919-20 academic year are often incomplete. See sample entries.

In addition, very brief information about graduates only through the class of 1929 is found in the 1930 edition of: Harvard University, Quinquennial Catalogue of the Officers and Graduates. See a sample entry.

For this information, contact a research librarian

Some of these students have entries in the important reference sources for American Biography and/or American Religious Biography.

Some of these Harvard Divinity School students have printed biographies and/or autobiographies. Browse HOLLIS Classic under subject with last name first for the author and title of books about them. If you are not a Harvard library patron, search your own catalog for these works about them. If the book is not available locally, consider an interlibrary loan request. 

If we do not find someone in a Harvard listing, we can look in the equivalents to our General Catalogue for those listed as attending Andover Theological Seminary (1808-1927), Meadville Theological School (1844-1944), Newton Theological Institution and Andover Newton Theological School (1826-1943), Pacific Unitarian (now Starr King) School for the Ministry (1904-1929), Princeton Theological Seminary (1815-1996), and Union Theological Seminary (New York, 1836-1970), and can direct your inquiry to those institutions.

Note: Andover-Harvard Library is not the repository for Harvard Divinity School student records and files. These are kept at the University Archives. Note their policies and contact information.