Unitarianism in Europe

Unitarianism in Europe -- Bibliography

Wilbur, Earl Morse. A Bibliography of the Pioneers of the Socinian-Unitarian Movement in Modern Christianity, in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Holland. Sussidi eruditi, vol. 1. Rome: Edizioni di storia e letteratura, 1950. (80 p.; 26 cm.) [Ref. Z7845.U5 W5 (also stacks)]

A table of contents appears on pp. [79]-80.

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The Bibliotheca antitrinitariorum is a brief biographical dictionary of all antitrinitarian writers from the Reformation to 1684, with an account of their writings. It was prepared for publication by Benedict Wiszowaty, who appended eight brief writings on the history of Polish Socinianism.

Unitarianism in Europe -- Biography

Wallace, Robert. Antitrinitarian biography; or, Sketches of the lives and writings of distinguished antitrinitarians; exhibiting a view of the state of the Unitarian doctrine and worship in the principal nations of Europe, from the reformation to the close of the seventeenth century: to which is prefixed a history of Unitarianism in England during the same period. 3 vols. London: E. T. Whitfield, 1850. [Ref. BX9867.W3]

Includes a chronological table of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century antitrinitarianism and a 392-page historical introduction to British Unitarianism in Volume 1. The biographical entries are arranged in approximate chronological order, with partial bibliographical information. (Certain irregularities in bibliographical citations should be noted: e.g., Latin titles of works by non-English writers are translated into English; see "Preface," esp. pp. xxvi-xxix.) Materials in the Appendix in Volume 3 are cross-referenced in the text.

Unitarianism in Europe -- History

Williams, George Huntston. The Radical Reformation. 3d ed. Sixteenth Century Essays and Studies, vol. 15. Kirksville, Mo.: Sixteenth Century Journal Publishers, 1992. (xlvi, 1516 p.; ill.; 23 cm.) [Ref. BR307.W5 1992 (also stacks)]

Indexes include an index of source documents; an index of creeds, confessions, canons, etc.; an index of councils, colloquies, synods and debates; and an index of scripture references. Maps appear on lining papers. Includes bibliographical references (pp. 1313-1382).

Wilbur, Earl Morse. A History of Unitarianism. Volume 1: Socinianism and Its Antecedents. Volume 2: In Transylvania, England, and America. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1945-52. [BX9831.W49 1945 v.1-2]