Job and Career Links

Provides overviews of particular professions, similar to those in the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Information on job trends, credentials, salaries, etc., in the United States, including information by state. Compare credentials against typical credentials in a given field. Read actual job descriptions.

News, articles, and first-person accounts on professions in academe and transitioning out of academe. Maintained by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

In addition to job listings in the nonprofit sector, links to thousands of organizations worldwide, and includes a number of articles and tools for people interested in careers for the public good.

A document titled "What Can I Do with My Degree in Religious Studies," containing information regarding typical careers/jobs that can be associated with your degree as well as alternative careers that may utilize your education, skills, and experiences.

Articles, assessments, job listings, and more.

Analyzes skills as they relate to potential fields. This site is also a good resource for researching careers.

More detailed information on general educational requirements, outlook for growth in a field, professional associations, and basic salary information for professions.

News, articles, job listings, and occasional advice on salaries and strategies for job seekers. Maintained by The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Links to additional sources for information on salaries, growing fields, and more. Scope limited to the United States.