Border Crossings: National Borders/Gender Borders

Women's Studies in Religion Program 25th Anniversary Conference

To celebrate the work of both past and future scholars in the Women's Studies in Religion Program, the 25th Anniversary Conference focused on how their work both complicates and clarifies categories of gender, nation, and disciplinary studies in the context of globalization.

In Session I: National Borders/Gender Borders, keynote speaker Peggy Levitt introduced her work on transnational identities among new immigrant groups, examining models of citizenship that emerge when religious rather than political affiliations serve as the matrix for locating oneself in the world. Respondents Constance Buchanan, Paula Hyman, and Emilie Townes placed her discussion in the context of critical studies of religion and gender, exploring how this new field contributes to conversations about transnationalism, globalization, and citizenship.

You may also listen to audio recordings of Session II: Crossing Gender, Genre, and Politics and Session III: Borders of Race, Religion, and Discipline.