Divinity Dialogues: Leadership, Serving, and Giving

Featuring the honorees of the inaugural Peter J. Gomes Memorial Honors

Runtime: 31:13

Following the award ceremony on April 4 for the inaugural Peter J. Gomes STB '68 Memorial Honors, the alumni honorees formed a panel of speakers for the third and final installment of this year's Divinity Dialogues: Conversations with the Alumni/Alumnae Community series.

The panelists were: Reza Aslan, MTS '99, Susanna Heschel, MTS '76, the Venerable Tenzin Priyadarshi, MTS '03, and Sarah Sentilles, MDiv '01, ThD '08. Also featured were Samuel Nixon, Jr., MDiv '91, chairperson of the HDS Alumni/Alumnae Council, and Julia Whitcavitch-DeVoy, MTS '94, co-chairperson of the council.