Gender Studies and Religious Subjects Conference: Theory and Politics

What happens when the study of women, gender, sexuality and feminism encounter—or clash with—religion and the academic study of religion? On February 23, 2007, Harvard faculty in the humanities and social sciences joined faculty of Harvard Divinity School and past and present scholars in the Women's Studies in Religion Program (WSRP) at the Divinity School for a one-day conversation to address these questions.

Panel II: Theory and Politics

Session chair: Karen King, Harvard Divinity School

  • Amy Hollywood, Harvard Divinity School
    The Metaphysical Turn in Contemporary Feminist Theory

  • Theda Skocpol, Harvard University
    Women in African-American Fraternalism

  • Afsaneh Najmabadi, Harvard University
    Secularist Narratives and Feminist Historiography

Also see Panel I: Identity and Difference and Panel III: Agency and Social Context.