Making Space for Meditation: Reflections on Practice in an Academic Setting

Runtime: 1:31:15

This panel discussion, the last of the semester in the CSWR series Intellectual Worlds of Meditation, featured four HDS students: Leslie Hubbard, a first year MTS Buddhist studies student, former Buddhist nun in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, and leader of the Boston Wake Up meditation group; Benjamin Van Arnam, a first year MTS student studying Buddhism and philosophy; Funlayo E. Z. Wood, a third year doctoral student in African and African American Studies with a primary field in Religion, and creator of Orisa-Focal (tm) Meditation, a guided practice that uses concepts and imagery of the Yoruba Ifa-Orisa Tradition; and Dave Woessner, a third year MDiv student at HDS, nominee for Holy Orders in the Episcopal Church, and teacher of Samatha meditation in the Theravada Buddhist tradition.